Galimatias Shares New Album, Renaissance Boy; Listen to “GPS (w. Bas & Xavier Omar)”

August 29 2020

Danish-born, now LA-based artist & producer, Galimatias, today shares his debut full-length album, Renaissance Boy. Garnering high praise from Spin, DJBooth, Listen Mag, RatedRnB and more, listen to the full album including focus track “GPS ft Bas” HERE.

Of the inspiration behind “GPS ft Bas,” Galimatias shares that: “I’ve always been very much into sampling. There’s a certain kind of magic that can arise when you sample something and start messing with pitch. You open the door for magic to enter, because things happen that you couldn’t think your way into, they arise out of experimentation. When I started this track, I recorded the rhodes and vocals a couple semitones higher, because my end goal was to pitch it down. The timbre of the vocal changes, and gives it an entirely different feeling. I was lucky that Bas and Xavier were both down to do their own takes on it, because they both killed it and took it to another level.”

After coming to widespread attention with 2015’s Urban Flora, his critically acclaimed collaborative EP with Alina Baraz, Galimatias retreated from the spotlight. Slowing his output to a tantalizing trickle of standalone singles, he chose to refine his skills as a producer and vocalist in private, resisting the ever-present temptation to upload the fruits of his artistic growth before they were fully realized. 

Galimatias emerges from his artistic hibernation sounding revitalized and refreshed, reintroducing himself with a tastefully crafted brand of weightless, ornate R&B. Marrying the melancholic, downtempo beauty of his adolescence spent in the European electronic/hip-hop scene with the syrupy, sun-kissed atmosphere of his new locale, Galimatias is making music that feels as though it were filtered through a dream. 

Renaissance Boy by Galimatiasis out now, buy/stream it here.

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