Galimatias shares slick new single “Shy Dancer”

November 21 2020

Artist/producer, Galimatias, today releases “Shy Dancer,” the latest in his ever-evolving quest to create something especially new and polished – though distinctly homegrown. With the Danish countryside at his roots and Southern California at his fingertips, he consistently chooses to work in partial solitude to hone his craft with care. Listen HERE.

Of the track, Galimatias shares, “I’m always looking for a unique sound. This one started away from the computer, on my OP-1 and cassette tape recorder. I recorded the melody onto tape and slowed it down to half time. That process introduces artifacts that you just can’t think your way to; an obscure, beautiful tonal quality. I played the sequence back on tape and timed it with the original signal while recording onto a handheld recorder. Once I had that loop, the inspiration came and took care of the rest of the song.”

His dedication to his craft comes across in the nooks and crannies of “Shy Dancer,” It’s super sexy without overdoing it. It’s reserved but still has low heat, especially with the welcome hint of island vibes in the steel-drum-sounding synths. The bass-line bubbles kind of gently and playfully while his voice glides over the top. You can hear the corners of his mouth turning up to a cheeky half-smile in his delivery. What’s more is that lending his own vocals to his music is relatively new to him still – it feels fresh. 

Like everything he does, this is a song pieced together from the quiet moments of solitude in Galimatias’ days and nights. It feels like you are stepping into his dream world when you press play. Shaded with glowing pastels and illuminated by flickering refractions of light, it’s like the bottom of a pool in late summer.

Galimatias has made fans at COLORS, Spin, DJ BoothNPR Music, Fader, and more for his critically acclaimed 2015 collaborative Urban Flora EP with Alina Baraz and for his most recent debut full-length release, Renaissance Boy. Stay tuned for more Galimatias music and news coming soon.

“Shy Dancer”by Galimatiasis out now,buy/stream it here.

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