Good Morning Unveil Open-Skied Folk Rock & Sophisticated Psychedelia on “Real I’m Told” & “One Night”

Photo by Pooneh Ghana
November 29 2023

PRAISE FOR Good Morning

“The prolific Melbourne duo level up on new album Barnyard.”


“Everything's looking good for Good Morning.”


“Chill and organic indie rock, but there are some slight stylistic differences due to each member taking lead vocals on some Lennon-McCartney shit...”


“Country feels like the culmination of everything that Good Morning have spent their almost-decade together working towards.”

Rolling Stone

“The Australians are coming out in full force.”

Paste Magazine

“Real I’m Told” & “One Night” are out now, listen here

Today, Good Morning — the Australian duo of best friends Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons who recently wrapped up a run of tour dates with Frankie Cosmos — release “Real I’m Told” and “One Night” via Good Morning Music Company Worldwide (AUNZ) and Polyvinyl (ROW). The two new songs mark a subtle but distinct shift for the long-running indie rock project. Listen To “Real I’m Told” & “One Night” HERE.

Propelled by a playful, buzzing percussion, the pastoral “Real I’m Told” contends with repetitive mistakes and the challenges of clawing out of a personal rut. It’s philosophical but down-to-earth, recalling Wilco or Kurt Vile in its earthy reflections.

Says Stefan: “’Real I’m Told’ was written in late 2020. I was living in a small town about an hour outside of Melbourne, and going through a pretty rough patch. I was drinking quite a bit and making some poor decisions that were definitely affecting the people around me. “Real I’m Told” is about contending with the idea that if I consider myself a decent person who strives to do good things for myself and the people around me, how could I keep behaving in a way that was kind of heartless and irresponsible?”

“One Night” is more expansive and ethereal, an after hours reverie that imagines a barfly spin on Carole King. It’s a showcase for the band’s growing mastery of studio techniques, and resounds with a woozy, warming countenance.

Says Liam: Lyrically I’m not fully sure what it’s about yet, but I’m pretty sure it comes from dreams; both the wiggy ones during sleep and the aspirational ones during the day. The ‘yet another show about the Cold War’ is almost certainly The Americans, which I watched a season and a half of. Good reminder to go back and finish it, maybe?”

Over the past decade, Good Morning have carved out a peculiar, hard-to-define indie career for themselves, amassing a global cult fanbase and hundreds of millions of streams despite (or perhaps because of) their defiantly DIY approach. The band name is intentionally impossible to Google but hasn’t gotten in the way of them getting shouted out by Tyler, The Creator, sampled by A$AP Rocky, going viral on TikTok (for their 2015 track “Warned You”), or touring the globe (including the US, Mexico, China, Japan, Thailand, and beyond).

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