Good Splits Launches New Royalty Calculator For Artists And Creators

August 24 2020

Good Splits today launches a new royalty calculator for artists and creators. Says Billboard who announced the new service earlier today, “The goal, according to its creators, is simplicity: using sales and streaming data that is supplied by distributors, artists and creators can upload the data into Good Splits, input the information as to who gets what splits for each song, and calculate the royalties generated and owed, helping to clarify a process that is often murky and complicated.”

Designed to help musicians get paid what they’re owed and make the music industry a more equitable space, Good Splits is the brainchild of Jordan Mattison (founder of Good Folk Music Management) and NYC-based digital product agency, Coalesce.

Says Jordan, “Good Splits was built to help artists do their royalty accounting in a super accessible way–and I hope it’s one step toward a more equitable music business. Because we’re not percentage-based like other services, it doesn’t matter whether you have a couple of streams or millions every month–Good Splits helps you keep more of your money and still crunch your numbers just as easily as everyone else. Not only does it save time, it actually helps more artists get paid what they’re owed, which in turn actually lets them plan for the future–something musicians often feel is out of their reach.”

At a glance:

  • Engineered for everyone (not just accountants): It allows any individual responsible for distributing song earnings to calculate and pay royalties.
  • Free to use: Good Splits (V1) offers this service free-of-charge and does not sell private information for ads or any other use.
  • Simple interface: Simply upload your sales data CSV from any distributor, input percentage splits for each party, and easily see who is owed what amount for the payment period of your choosing.
  • Privacy matters: Every profile is secure. No one else can access your data so only you know how much you’ve made. 

For a simple breakdown on how royalties are currently paid out to musicians, read here.

Learn more about Good Splits:
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”Good Splits is such an essential resource for artists and their teams. Being able to quickly and efficiently calculate master royalty splits without an expensive royalty application is amazing!” 
Dave Hopper, Hard 8 Working Group (Manager)

“I was seeking a tool to help organize and simplify the headache of our quarterly reporting processes and Good Splits is exactly that. What used to take hours, now takes minutes.”
Heather Kelly, Valeo Arts Management (Manager)

“Good Splits is an incredibly useful tool for everyone from publishers and managers to independent artists and labels to keep track of where their money is coming from and make sure that their collaborators are being properly compensated.”
ET Brown, SESAC (Sr. Director, Creative Services)