Haviah Mighty is one to watch in 2023: listen to “Room Service”

Photo by Yung Yemi
February 11 2023

PRAISE FOR Haviah Mighty



“a true storyteller”

Rolling Stone

“Haviah Mighty is poised to break out internationally”


“equally adept at breezy confidence, rapid-fire spitting, sneering menace, and laconic cool”

NPR Music

“ominous, bass-heavy beats and hard-nosed bars that could go toe-to-toe with any challenger”


“Best International Flow Nominee”

BET Awards

“Room Service” is out now, buy/stream it here.

Haviah Mighty hits 2023 running with new, sultry single, “Room Service.” The JUNO, Prism, and Polaris Prize-winning, and BET Hip Hop Award-nominated artist also today shares a double-feature video directed by previous collaborators Kit Weyman and Chris Lowe (Fela production company [work withDJ Khaled, SONY, Nike, & so many more]). Listen to “Room Service” HERE and watch “Honey Bun / Room Service” HERE.

The vibey lead melodies pull you in as Haviah pleads for her lover to wait for her, and the bouncy synths playfully suck you into a vortex of heavy-hitting 808s and afro-style grooves that remind you that Haviah isn’t just a rapper; she’s a singer, Jamaican, a queer woman, and Toronto-born. She highlights her roots and her multifaceted nature as an artist with this song and video, really digging into the bashment energy we so rarely see.

Of the track, Haviah says, “This song reflects on the many phases of denial that I experienced going through a recent breakup. My self-worth was shattered, I convinced myself that things weren’t as bad as they seemed, and that it wasn’t my fault. ‘Room Service’ was written from a place of bargaining. I was fully aware that this person had already let me go… but it wasn’t official. Because of that, I had this glimmer of hope. My love and attachment to this person was bigger than the realities of what was happening to us.”

Of the video, she says, “In ‘Honey Bun,’ we see me disassociating with a past love, let down, and looking for distractions as a form of medicine. I began to rely heavily on having multiple beautiful partners, money, designer clothes, drugs and any other way to escape the hurt. We see reflections of the past love spliced with moments of us together,  Mighty Gang in the cut, representing… We see a love triangle that manifested between an old and new love – and while it was a good time, it ultimately wasn’t real, and didn’t last. Together, these two videos/songs depict the difficult stages in a breakup that we all inevitably go through-and the reality that, if it’s not to be, no matter what occurs – it will not be.”

All eyes are on Haviah after becoming the first woman to win the JUNO (Grammy equivalent) in the Best Rap Album/EP of the Year category for her 2021 Stock Exchange mixtape – from her fans who eagerly await each release, to the critics who sing her praise at NPR, COLORSxSTUDIOSSway In The Morning, BBC Radio 1, HipHopDX, HotNewHipHop, FADER, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, KEXP, & more.

Throughout her career, Haviah has tackled a range of deeply felt ideas and topics: the roots of capitalism, systemic racism, self-awareness, independence, strength in community, and beyond. On Stock Exchange we saw Haviah’s growth as a producer and her expansion as a collaborator (she’s worked with TOBi, Jalen Santoy, Mala Rodríguez, and more), while visual artist blackpowerbarbie is at the helm for the incredible artwork and animated excerpts. Haviah also won the Prism Prize for her powerful video for 13th Floors “Thirteen” from the album that made her the first Hip Hop artist and first Black woman to win the Polaris Prize. Last but not least, she was the only Canadian to be nominated for Best International Flow for this years’ BET Hip Hop awards.

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