Haviah Mighty protects her energy on “Obeah”; pays homage to her Caribbean heritage

February 13 2021

Haviah Mighty today shares “Obeah,” a songthat payshomage to both her Caribbean heritage and her deep trust in her inner circle, particularly her family. It’s a song about knowing who to trust and reflects one of Haviah’s core beliefs: the energy you allow to surround you dictates your reality. Produced by her little brother (Mighty Prynce) and featuring a cameo by her father in the video, “Obeah” is a full Mighty family affair.

Watch the “Obeah” music video HERE (directed by Jesse Dart of Die Fire Films in collaboration with production house Cultiv8and listen to the track HERE.

“I’ve navigated life off the strength of my parents’ teachings, and one of those notable teachings is to be mindful of the company you keep and of those you call your friends. Being of Caribbean descent, I’ve heard many stories throughout my life of ‘Obeah man’ and ‘Obeah woman’ from family and friends, ‘Obeah’ being an occult power and celebrated secret religion that disturbs the natural flow of events by way of spells, spirituality and hidden practices,” Haviah expands on the song’s inspiration.

“Though difficult to define, it is a religion of resistance, a belief that you can manipulate yours or other peoples’ destinies – often used in the context of those people that are close to you but aspire to cause harm to you by thought or action. This song, using this Jamaican reference, speaks directly to the idea that the energy around you can bring you down, and that sometimes it’s those that are closest to you that you need to be aware of. This theme is one many can relate to as they grow within their chosen realms.”

Since last November, Haviah has been rolling out hard-hitting singles each month tackling everything from the Atlantic slave trade, “Atlantic,” to coping with the isolation of lockdown, “Antisocial feat. Old Man Saxon,” and rising to the “Occasion” to meet her potential. These singles are the first taste of new material from Haviah since her breakthrough 2019 Polaris Prize-winning album, 13th Floor. The project won her the honor of being the first Hip Hop artist as well as the first Black woman to win the prestigious award.

Blending elements of Hip Hop, Caribbean rhythms, frenetic electro, and diverse instrumentation, Haviah dominated SWAY in the Morning’s ‘5 Fingers Of Death‘ last year and recently earned high praise from GQ Australia (’21 Breakout Musicians To Know in 2021′), NPR Music, Paste, Pitchfork, DJ Booth, Passion Weiss, Consequence, the BBC, and more. Faced with the devastating impact of the global pandemic on the live music industry, Haviah refuses to slow down. She describes the enforced solitude of lockdown as not an obstacle, but “a window of immense opportunity” to develop the art that has always been a realization of deep contemplation and self-examination. 

“Obeah” by Haviah Mighty is out now, listen/buy it here.