Injury Reserve announces new album By the Time I Get to Phoenix

August 12 2021


Photo by Nick Herbert & Parker Corey


“Injury Reserve feels remarkably fresh and singular”

“With each project, the band continues to artfully toe the line between experimental and relatable”

“One of the best new groups in hip-hop”
Pigeons & Planes

“Accompanied by production that moves like a series of hard-hitting waves,
it’s a tantalizing taste of what’s to come.”


“Injury Reserve are dip, dodging, and diving their way up”

Phoenix’s Injury Reserve return and have announced their new album, By the Time I Get to Phoenixsharing the lead single from the album, ‘Knees’. The song is a drawn-out 5-minute cut that features start-and-stop production under pained vocals that escalate as the track progresses. LISTEN HERE.

Injury Reserve was originally a trio consisting of rappers Nathaniel Ritchie and Jordan Groggs and producer Parker Corey. Their mixtapes Live From The Dentist (released in 2015) and Floss (2016) earned them underground buzz, and they capitalized on the attention with their debut album in 2019, the eponymous Injury Reserve.

The group’s momentum was put on hold when in June of 2020 Groggs tragically passed away. By the Time I Get to Phoenix was largely completed ahead of Groggs‘ passing with his contributions, and will be the first Injury Reserve music to be released since their eponymous debut album. Ritchie and Corey took the past year to complete the record, and the title has meaning past simply referencing Injury Reserve‘s hometown. It’s a homage to a song that has been covered countless times, which is in line with Injury Reserve’s ethos and approach when it comes to creating music. The group pulls from several hip hop styles and eras, but runs each one through the Injury Reserve lens, putting their own distinct and cohesive sound across their references. Nowhere is that dynamic more present than on By the Time I Get to Phoenix.

Knees‘ is out now, buy/stream it here.
Pre-order By the Time I Get to Phoenix here.

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By the Time I Get to Phoenix

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