Introducing Aalok Bala; Listen to “Sueño”

March 4 2020

Introducing Aalok Bala, the LA-based, Queens-raised artist who blends together elements of Andean rhythms, electronic beats, soul and pop. Listen and watch “Sueño” HERE.

The granddaughter of a renowned Chilean composer, Aalok Bala was exposed to a variety of musical and cultural influences growing up, from the bolero stylings of Buena Vista Social Club to the electronic innovations of Thom Yorke. As a child, she taught herself to play guitar and piano among other instruments, and as a teenager, she became obsessed with the art of recording music, spending countless hours in studios learning about production.

Aalok’s music is a dizzying blend of these influences, under-ridden by a distinctly contemporary pop sensibility, marrying traditional Andean flute melodies with analog synthesizers, manipulated percussive loops and ethereal vocal harmonies. 

Five years ago, Aalok landed across the country and found herself at home in the eclectic music community of Northeast LA. Recorded in her home studio, “Sueño” closes with a breathless monologue in Spanish, a poem Aalok wrote after a conversation with her mother that inspired her forthcoming EP; 

Deja que las palabras que no ser oye,
vuelvan como un eco a travez del aire.
Quiero ser como el agua, quiero ser como el agua
rescatame de mi misma
no soy pura, no soy pura
permite los sueños que han echado raiz en mi, 
que despierten con el salir del sol, con el salir del sol.

Let the words that no man hears
echo out into open air
I want to be like water, I want to be like water
save me from myself
I am not pure, i am not pure
let the dreams which have root in me
rise with the sun, rise with the sun.

While creating unique, immersive soundscapes that connect the past, present, and future, Aalok explores universal themes of consciousness, spirituality, accountability, and desire. Devoted to visual art as much as music, Aalok also designs all of the project’s visuals, giving her music a striking, otherworldly language.

Stay tuned for more Aalok Bala music and US dates coming soon.

“Sueño” is out now, buy/stream it on Spotify, Apple Music and more here. 

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