Introducing Adria Kain with stunning “Only With Time” COLORS session

Photo by colorsxstudios
February 12 2022




“Oozes lyrical/musical synergy”


“On the edge of a major breakthrough”

Complex (Canada)

“A voice that floats”


Garden Entrance (You Exist)

Ocean (Reprise)

Melt Into You

Peace Be Still

Alone In Kenzo

Classic feat. Leila Dey

Flowers, For You

Never Change Interlude with Leila Dey

Lost One

Only With Time

Garden Exit (To The Ones I’ve Loved Before)

When Flowers Bloom by Adria Kain is out now, buy/stream it here.

Toronto’s Adria Kain today shares a stunning COLORS session of her new track, “Only With Time,” from her debut album out now, When Flowers Bloom. Watch HERE + listen to the entire album HERE.

Soul-filled and honest, Kain takes cues from early 2000’s neo soul, citing artists like Bilal, Dwele and Ledisi as inspiration. Sharing stories of love, resilience, and embracing her identity as a queer, masc-presenting Black woman, Kain is in full command of her spectacular voice. Her approach is restrained yet filled with a quiet confidence. When Flowers Bloom is a deeply felt collection of songs detailing her experience of reconnecting with nature to heal old wounds, grow into the most authentic version of herself, and just let go.

Kain adds, “A few years ago I developed a strong connection with nature. I had experienced a lot throughout the years that caused me a great deal of pain and mental strife and confusion, and I think isolating myself and spending a lot of that time outside with the trees and in open fields and spaces allowed me to come back to life in a way that was more authentically me.  Letting myself go completely to the sounds of large bodies of water and really reflecting on how water is such an important, complex, healing component to life brought me to the realization of why I connected so deeply to nature. I started to view myself as a garden and I began my journey of growth and just patiently waited for years for my flowers to bloom. Everything that I create surrounds this now and I think the evidence of that begins to show itself throughout this album.”   

Heavily influenced by the likes of Frank Ocean, SZA, Nick Hakim, Dijon, among others – not just for their sound, but also for their ability to masterfully create a visual story through music – Kain has garnered praise from the likes of Fader, Complex, SPIN, and more. She’s opened for BJ The Chicago Kid, Miguel, Ari Lennox and Questlove, featured on PARTYNEXTDOOR’s self-titled second album, and steadily built a name for herself throughout the Toronto scene.

Kain first debuted her music in 2016 with ‘Ocean,’ and since then, she has released a number of singles and two EPs – DE{com}pressed and Still in Love, in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Along the way, Adria has been on her own journey of understanding and self acceptance, sharing of today’s release, “I don’t talk much in general, I mostly observe, but in my growth and observation I have a lot on my mind that I think needs to be released. For now, the only thing I will say is believe in yourself enough to do it yourself.

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