Introducing breathe. listen to their debut single ‘Are you all good?’

September 13 2018

Introducing breathe., the new Sydney-based duo who today release their debut single and video for ‘Are You All Good?’, directed and edited by the band. Watch it HERE.

Described as “bruised late-night soul”, breathe. is the moniker behind producers Sean Walker and Andrew Grant – who having left the projects that they had founded (“Movement” and “The Tapes” respectively), were each quietly taking stock of ‘what next?’

By chance, as the year ended, each started working on new music in their Sydney studios. The two were drawn together after sharing their desire for honest and authentic music. Their inspirations have been far-reaching (think Jungle, Superorganism and The Blaze) and have bled together uniquely as the project evolved.

The result of their late night recordings bears testament to their vision – pulsing emotions buried inside deceptively simple tracks, with minimal production of exposed drums, prominent bass and vocals recorded through a beat-up microphone.

Having felt frustrated inside the major label system, Sean and Andrew decided to approach this project’s release entirely DIY. By producing and mixing the music, photographing the artwork and directing a film clip, the band have been able to stay true to everything breathe. stands for.

Are You All Good?’ is out now, buy/stream it on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes.

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“This song hit me right in my feelings…not easy to do these days!”

“Pure ecstasy. I’m infatuated with this song and everything about it. Breathe are the future.”
Peking Duk

“It’s a sultry underworld that pulls you right in.”