Introducing brothers in arms T Breezy and Walkerboy, piercing mixtape SOUTHS MOST WANTED out now

Photo by Dayvis Heyne
March 27 2024

PRAISE FOR T Breezy & Walkerboy

“With a flow that’s tinged with American West-Coast influence, his personal vocal tones and delivery simmer smoothly above it all”

Acclaim Magazine (Walkerboy)

“Walkerboy raps with a rapid-fire flow and unique cadence about his come-up”

AUD$ (Walkerboy)

“Inverell’s primo rap export who’s ready to make waves”

FBI Radio (T Breezy)

“T Breezy’s hard-hitting rap paints a compelling landscape of his upbringing”

VICE (T Breezy)


SOUTHS MOST WANTED Mixtape is out now, buy/stream it here.

First Nations rappers T Breezy and Walkerboy today debut their long-awaited joint mixtape SOUTHS MOST WANTED out now via TRACKWORK. Arriving with music video for ‘WHAT DO’ with the duo running amuck on their block in Inverell. LISTEN HERE + WATCH HERE.

The tape is produced by Sydney-based label TRACKWORK’s founder Utility (forging the careers of the likes of Vv Pete / Snoee Badman / Sevy & BAYANG (tha Bushranger), serving as the conduit of the T Breezy and Walkerboy collaborative puzzle, crafting a footbed of melodic drill and trap from start to finish. SOUTHS MOST WANTED is a vibrant showcase of the two rappers’ dexterity, where throughout the brothers nod to the dynamic duos that have followed in hip hop’s history. Armed with their successful balance of hope and aggression fueled by the experiences of the postcode that raised them, the mixtape buoys with didactic interludes highlighting Inverell scenescapes amongst high-energy percussion and free-flowing bars.

Highlights over SOUTHS MOST WANTED’s 12 tracks include ‘WHAT DO’, an anthem of their inevitable come up set to an instrumental sitting somewhere between the syncopated shaker rhythms of Mystikal and a relaxed, Craig David like garage edge. With music video shot by Nathan Brown shot on-ground at Inverell’s south side, the duo’s hometown and tight knit community are featured in the spotlight, juxtaposing their current day with their aspirational bars of ambition. Together they arm their community with the shared joy of their art, where a lack of access and resources in regional NSW present is a very real barrier in new music discovery.

PAID‘, juxtaposes the humble brag against whatever means to an end activity one might need to secure to facilitate their dreams. ‘CLAP’ the tape’s darkest lean, bound by a simple yet effectively looped sample makes clear T Breezy and Walkerboy’s intent to leave no prisoner where a beat is concerned – channelling a similar, ‘Dirt Off Your Shoulder’ stance to the naysayers on Jay Z’s triumphant The Black Album.

The sincere and hopeful ‘ALONE’, indebted to Memphis cassette culture, remarks on the necessary focus required in the pursuit of hustle. ‘FRINGE’ marries the harpsichord-guitar sound flanked in nostalgic R&B making a claim for not only its mainstream return, but its place in drill. Breezy makes his deepest motivations clear on ‘NO DISCUSSION’ – “I made something out of nothing” – dedicating much of his effort to his community and those around him stuck in the system. ‘CHIT CHAT’ appears as if to be their tribute to Timbaland and Missy, giving way to a Three-6 Mafia sample filtered through melodic keys as Walkerboy bobs and weaves through the trials that almost got in his way.

The force that is T Breezy and Walkerboy combined has steadily trod a path of reckoning, with the rappers previously performing together across the Sydney Opera House as part of the Barrabuwari showcase, Dark Mofo, Soft Centre and FBi Radio’s birthday festival FBi Turns 20. The Gamilaraay men born and raised in the semi-rural Inverell bonded through the distraction that music served the two individually, now pursued as a joint creative ambition – closely collaborating since the label’s inception in 2020. Their deep drive to write and record daily, sees the duo arrive on SOUTHS MOST WANTED as two fierce MCs that have put in hours behind closed doors to refine their craft, well on their way to a position as a generational talent – equally together as they are alone.

From the first instance of their respective debuts, Walkerboy’s ‘On A Roll’ and T Breezy’s ‘Posted’ from his forward-thinking 2360 EP acclaim has followed. Mirroring that same direct storytelling with their own unique levels of intensity and charge, set the scene for their joint project SOUTHS MOST WANTED. Created with long-time collaborator Utility (their work together beginning from T Breezy’s first day out of juvie), the release follows Walkerboy’s nomination for FBi Radio’s SMAC Award for Next Big Thing and shortlist in the Acclaim Allstars; T Breezy taking to stages with JK-47 and Kobie Dee for VIVID Sydney to praise across VICE, Acclaim, FBi and more.

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