Introducing Feign Jima

Photo by Bridgette Winten
April 1 2022

‘Beaches‘ is out now, buy/stream it here.

Meet Naarm / Melbourne based vocalist Feign Jima (pron. Faye-n Jee-mah), who today shares her new single ‘Beaches‘, lifted from her upcoming EP Funny How Things Turn Out. LISTEN HERE.

‘Beaches‘ is a softly sung, gentle strum confessional twined with a misty sentimentality. Through her shoegaze flecked dream emerges an artist akin to Clairo, moved by inspirational acts like Weyes Blood and Cigarettes After Sex. The project of Jamie Fanning, Feign Jima‘s musicality lies in her poise and arresting vocal delivery – irrespective of the instrumentation or musical background, be it the sparse to the psychedelic, her energy is mesmerising, warm and hauntingly honest throughout.

Speaking to the release’s meaning, she reveals “Beaches is about watching someone indulge in escapism. It’s a song that explores the motivation for why people need to escape reality and why humans find solace in fantasy.” Feign Jima’s enthralling dreamy-folk command pause, quickly overwhelmed by hope for more. That same desire is sketched across her forthcoming EP.

Replete with tender lyricism, fragility and a sincerity that’s seen Feign Jima continue to cultivate her audience over the last 18 months, including fans across triple j, Unearthed, FBi Radio and crowds across Naarm / Melbourne; her upcoming EP Funny How Things Turn Out boasts an awe-inspiring beyond her year’s maturity. Her second EP sees the artist return to frequent collaborator, Jim Rindfleish, producer and member of Mildlife whose catalogue includes Meg Mac, Maple Glider, Lucianblomkamp and more. Stay tuned as Feign Jima continues to uncover her world with us.