Introducing Jye

August 20 2021


Photo by Noah Gallagher

Introducing rising star Jye, the Australian-born self-produced singer from the Sunshine Coast, sharing the first taste of his upcoming LP, the title track of the album, ‘Sleeping In‘. LISTEN HERE.

Jye‘s unique brand of indie-pop shines through with warmth, bounce and tenderness as the Sunshine Coast-based musician translates the intimacy of his personal life into a dreamy, eclectic sound. A singer, producer and composer working with the filigree and care of a D.I.Y. musician Jye‘s craft strike a balance as both deeply personal art, and a mirror for others to truly see themselves in; tethering sonic influences of Dominic Fike and Still Woozy into his own.

Featuring a confluence of soul-baring honesty and sunbaked production, ‘Sleeping In‘ flows in two parts, built around guitar in its first half and electronic ambience in its second half — an encapsulation of everything Jye is and everything he will be, an open-hearted song with its eyes trained firmly on the horizon. The release is a raw and real take into the uniqueness of relationship break-ups, highlighting the universal sentiment of love, allowing listener interpretation and the notion of finding peace in yourself. 

Speaking to the release, Jye shares “I was in a pretty bad car accident with an ex-partner a couple of years ago, and it really changed my perspective on life. It was a moment in which I decided I really wanted to pursue music. I thought it would be interesting to add this aspect to the song. The second half was built off of this idea, I wanted to give this dreamlike reflection off the first verse with the implication having crashed into water and the ‘life flashing before your eyes’ moment”. The track also comes with its own video directed by Levi Cranston. Of the video, Jye says “Levi Cranston really brought this to life visually, with the video implying this idea of being blinded by love that leads to the crash scene, the crash being the only prompt we had talked about for a video.”

WATCH: ‘Sleeping In’ (Official Music Video)

After releasing under different monikers and even initially being afraid to sing, Jye‘s first single under his own name ‘Beachy Girl‘ emerged in 2017 as a Youtube discovery sensation, and his bedroom productions were quickly amassing over 25+ million plays online. Although best known for widely-streamed singles including the Spotify hit ‘A Shitty Love Song‘ (made on a whim in just 20 minutes), it’s clear that ‘Sleeping In‘, the first single from Jye’s debut album, due out in 2022, is an awakening for the musician, featuring an easy confluence of soul-baring honesty and sunbaked production. ‘Sleeping In’ is an apt introduction into the world of Jye, whose genre-hopping sound is propelled by the momentum of his previous releases and personal life.

Sleeping In’ is out now, buy/stream it here.

Single artwork: Levi Cranston and Elliott Deem

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Born in Australia and raised between places including Indonesia, Jye leaned on music as an outlet from the time he first picked up a guitar aged 12. Going from a primary school rock band to production software within a year, Jye immersed himself in a new passion that would unknowingly become a career. Growing up, he was stridently out-of-the-box — a skater, painter, photographer and musician in places where creativity was below the surface, his art serving as a subtle escapism. That spirit still translates to his music today; listen to any of his three self-released EPs, and you can hear sly rebellion and creative modesty, a commitment to craft and a deep authenticity.