Introducing latest Mom+Pop signing SEB, ‘seaside_demo’ out now

July 2 2021

Leading independent label Mom+Pop Music has signed breakthrough artist SEB to a worldwide deal. The artist, whose captivating ‘seaside_demo‘ – a dreamy, sonically inventive track which FADERdescribes as “a perfect early summer jam” and NME calls “the perfect summer song” – has captivated fans and gatekeepers alike, earning millions of streams and a coveted spot on tastemaking playlists, including Spotify’s Today’s Top Hits, Pop Rising and Songs of Summer and Apple Music’s Viral Hits and Superbloom.

SEB‘s debut EP IT’S OKAY, WE’RE DREAMING – his first long-form artistic statement – will be released via Mom+Pop Music on July 30. The new EP will find the artist exploring themes of freedom and endless possibility that follows high school graduation, as the world opens up to youthful ambition.

The LA-based artist’s music, which SEB writes, produces, performs, and engineers himself, explores dreaming big and its real-life consequences through captivating lo-fi indie-pop. Since releasing his debut single ‘Boys Don’t Cry‘ in 2020 and follow-ups ‘THEY DON’T LIKE ME‘, ‘Coney Island‘, and ‘seaside_demo‘ earlier this year, SEB has curated an engaged fan base that continues to grow including over 329k followers, 5.3 million likes, 1 million + creations for ‘seaside_demo‘ on TikTok.

SEB shared: “I’m so excited to be teaming up with a label who sees as far into the future as I do! Mom+Pop truly embodies everything I value, so I knew I was making the right choice.” Mom+Pop Music co-owner Thaddeus Rudd shared: “We’re excited to partner with such a talented writer and producer, and excited to help build a long career, with Seb’s ‘seaside_demo’ serving as a brilliant introduction to a great new artist.”

Mom+Pop Music has been pivotal in driving noteworthy success for label artists this year, including helping Ashe turn a one-time sync opportunity for her ‘Moral of the Story’ into a social-driven cultural moment, Porter Robinson seize on the success of his groundbreaking digital festival to drive his first-ever charting single ‘Look at the Sky‘ and long-anticipated sophomore album release nurture and more.

seaside_demo‘ is out now, buy/stream it here.


Growing up in Chicago – after hopping between New York, Haiti, Oklahoma, and Miami – SEB has come a long way from freestyling over beats ripped from YouTube with his middle school rap group. Returning to New York for college, he interned at the iconic Electric Lady Studios where brief brushes with artistic giants spurred SEB on to seriously consider his artist project and make the move to LA.

Firmly in his own lane, SEB is inspired by emotionally charged songwriters like Kurt Cobain and Joni Mitchell, and other boundary-breaking artists like Tyler the Creator, Kid Cudi, and Grimes. In a recent interview with Spindle Magazine, SEB explained “the fact that I’m black makes it hard for people to just call my music pop.” Adding “the whole point of my artist’s existence, right now, is fighting for the idea that a single black artist, who can write and produce their own music, can stand right next to a Taylor Swift or Harry Styles.”

Since releasing debut single ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ in 2020, SEB has been connecting with fans worldwide and garnering critical acclaim from tastemakers in the UK, US, Europe, and beyond. With his debut EP IT’S OKAY, WE’RE DREAMING slated for release this summer, lead singles ‘Coney Island‘and ‘THEY DON’T LIKE ME’. The EP is set to explore some of SEB’s darkest truths as he questions how the past shapes who he is today – complete with an enthralling visual world inspired by cult movies Gummo and Donnie Darko.

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