Introducing Morgues

January 19 2022


Photo by Alex Furolo

Today Broth Records are elated to announce their latest label signing, Eora / Sydney bedroom pop duo Morgues, who share their latest release ‘Outer Space‘. LISTEN + WATCH HERE.

The duo of Celeste Dao (she/her) and Cath Connell (she/they), Morgues banded together as internet friends first, photographers second, motivated to form a music group. Drawn to Cath’s demos most, Celeste proposed they work together as a two-piece, and over a three year gestation period and instrumental changes, Morgues arrive today fully realised. “One of our first direct message exchanges was about photos we took at a Gang Of Youths show,” reveals Cath.

A serendipitous surprise to Joji Malani, founder and director of Broth Records, whose discovery of the band was just as coincidental. He shares “I was on set for the first shoot we did for Coconut Cream and the photographer was playing some music to get everyone into the mood and ‘2006’ by Morgues came on. I asked them a million questions about the band and just felt really connected to this song. I reached out to them via instagram and we met up for dumplings and the rest is history.”

He contines, “I had a little celebration when Broth officially launched and invited the acts I had signed at that point and Cath met Oscar from Coconut Cream. I didn’t get to speak with them that night but they had a great conversation and decided to record a song with Oscar. Hearing about it later was like a full-circle moment – I found Morgues via this Coconut Cream shoot and now one of the members of Coconut Cream was gonna record with Morgues. This is what I always wanted for Broth, to create a community where people can interact, collaborate or work with each other on different projects while maintaining a strong community ethos. It’s so valuable post-pandemic.”

WATCH: ‘Outer Space’ (Official Video)

For Morgues, music is an extension of their mutual passion for photography and design, inspired by and driven to build atmospheric spheres of their own, both tangible and tactile, visually and aurally. This music manifests in deceptively detailed walls of sound – misty shoegaze cross-pollinated with the DIY instincts of bedroom pop, a sound Hatchie and Alvvays alike. Cath continues, “I don’t have that much life experience so most of my songs come from characters that I read about and immerse myself in, or sometimes a story I’ve come up with myself. I think Celeste is better at the actual music stuff, she can come up with the chord progressions while I’m the one with a whole book worth of lyrics, so often I’ll send her a bunch of random lyrics and she can arrange them into something cooler.”

This is the universe Morgues debut with ‘Outer Space‘, shifting visually between animated galactic sketches, jangly Super 8 film and scenes of 1950’s film and television programs atop webcam footage of each other. Of the song, Celeste explains Outer Space is a love song for anxiety, space and dogs. Cath started writing this song at the very beginning of Morgues while thinking about the things she would like to do but struggles with due to anxiety, such as being in a relationship and going to unfamiliar places.” Cath elaborates, “It’s like an argument with myself of ‘I want to do these things, I want to fall in love and go to space!’ but ‘I really love the familiarity of where I am right now, even if it means I’m missing out on doing the things I want to do’” Roll up for the magical Morgues tour, stay tuned for more.

Outer Space‘ is out now via Broth Records, buy/stream it here.

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