Introducing No Mono – Tom Snowdon & Tom Iansek have returned.

September 17 2017

Introducing No Mono, who today release their debut single ‘Butterflies’ via Pieater. Listen to it below:

With its first pulse, ‘Butterflies’ draws an immediate hold on the listener, immersing them deep into the otherworldly sounds of Tom Snowdon’s unmistakable and haunting vocals, coupled with the forward thinking production nous of Tom Iansek.

No Mono is the special collaboration of two of Australia’s brightest artists; the Alice Springs-raised, Tom Snowdon and Tom Iansek. The pairing began in 2014 when a connection was sparked by the now hibernated #1 Dads project, which bore witness to two collaborations between Tom Snowdon & Tom Iansek (‘Return To’ and FKA Twigs ‘Two Weeks’ cover). The songs left a lasting impression on them both and it’s taken until now for new music to surface in what is a collaboration of the minds.

Tom Snowdon says of the collaboration, “For the past two years we’ve been developing songs for this project, which we recently recorded at the Pieater studio in Collingwood (BellBird). We like similar music and sounds and are great friends. It’s been a very intuitive process. That’s what this project is really about – exploring and cultivating our artistic relationship, we just follow our ears and our guts.

Butterflies’ is out now, buy/stream it here.

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