Introducing producer collective ‘CRU CUTS’; listen to their debut podcast featuring Odesza

November 12 2017

Introducing the Sydney-based producer collective CRU CUTS, who today share their debut podcast featuring Clayton Knight and Harrison Mills of heralded electronic duo, Odesza. Recorded in a living room in Paddington on their recent stop in Sydney where they played two sold out shows at the Enmore Theatre, the pair stop by CRU CUTS to talk about the recent release of their critically acclaimed third album A Moment Apart, life on the road and all things tech. Watch and listen via SoundCloudiTunes and YouTube

 Listen now on  SoundCloud ,  iTunes ,  YouTube .

Listen now on SoundCloud ,  iTunes ,  YouTube .

Co-founded by David Ansari (Vallis Alps), Lach Bostock (Mansionair) and Sean Walker in 2016, the CRU CUTS collective is made up on a group of musicians, producers and music enthusiasts that host regular living room discussions with some of the worlds most exciting and innovate creators including Japanese Wallpaper, Gordi, Dave Jenkins, Vallis Alps, Jonti, Antonia Gauci and Anatole

David Ansari of CRU CUTS shares, “CRU CUTS all started with a conversation about the ups and downs of beatmaking, tour life, and playing in a band. We realized that there wasn’t a space for other laptop musicians like us to gather and share the techniques and stories behind the things we make. So we decided to invite some friends over, set up a projector, and talk about music. Since then, we’ve hosted discussion events all over Sydney, and earlier this year we launched CC Soundcheck where artists walk us through their live setup at the venue they are playing that night.” 

All CRU CUTS events are free. To sign up, head to