Introducing rising star Finn Askew, shares new single ‘Same Old Love’

December 2 2020

Introducing rising star Finn Askew, an 18-year-old singer hailing from Somerset, England, with his latest single‘Same Old Love’ alongside the announcement of his forthcoming debut EPPeach. Listen HERE.

Just his third solo release, ‘Same Old Love‘ hones Askew’s brand of dexterous indie-pop, whose unadulterated catchiness disguises a nimble musicality in plain sight. Laying silky guitar lines over a buoyant, midtempo beat and with slight hints of Post Malone-like gravel in his voice, ‘Same Old Love‘ draws a line from the indie rock of his Dad’s record collection to the alt-R&B and hip hop production of Finn’s own influences to the DIY inclinations of fellow genre-averse contemporaries, Rex Orange Countyand Dijon.

Of ‘Same Old Love‘, Finn shares that: “‘Same Old Love’ is super unique I feel [and] experiments with a lot of sounds. I love the fact that the overall sound of the song is happy but the meaning is actually pretty sad, a kinda audio oxymoron.”

Enveloping the teenage angst of love, Finn continues to show his varied style, sound, and range which has impressed the likes of COLORSClashLine of Best Fit, and Have You Heard. With his influences ranging from Nirvana and The Smiths to Frank Ocean and Travis Scott, Finn is a serendipitous amalgamation of creativity and talent. Naturally gifted and constantly absorbing elements from multiple sources, it was being born in a sleepy Somerset town that led him to big musical ambitions grounded by his humble nature. 

Finn Askew encompasses hard work, self-awareness, and drive of the DIY generation, who control TikTok trends, fight for social justice, and a deep longing but easy execution of equality amongst their peers, no matter gender, race, or sexuality. These characteristics blend with a deep soul embedded in his music that feels wiser beyond his years, culminating in his forthcoming EP, Peach, set for release in 2021. 

Speaking on his debut project, Finn says that he “wanted to create an EP that showed how creative I really am. I’m a kid from a small countryside town where there is no music scene at all but I’ve had so many musical influences from my mad diverse music taste. It’s been sick having no one to tell me what direction to take, I’ve just been left to my own device and I’m beyond thankful for that, it’s why my sound is so real. I wanted this EP to really capture me as an artist and what I can do. I can’t be put into one genre and that’s beauty of it.”

Same Old Love‘ by Finn Askew is out now via Polydor Records,
buy/stream it here.

22 Jan 2020
Pre-order here.

For proof that remarkable talent can flourish in the most unexpected places, look no further than Finn Askew. Hailing from a sleepy market town in Somerset, the 19-year-old singer-songwriter could scarcely be further removed from any sort of music scene, and yet he’s raising the bar for the rest of the industry with his soulful yet streetwise sound.
As engaging and passionate in person, as he is on record, today Finn recalls a near-idyllic childhood in the countryside, shielded from the harsher realities of city living. He describes his home life as happy, his family as creative, and credits his father for his early appreciation of music. Guitar tuition was sought and subsequently abandoned as Finn grew frustrated at the rigor of lessons, and in a display of – what would prove to be – characteristic independence, he simply continued to experiment on the instrument alone.
He draws on all of this in his songwriting today. Wildly eclectic in his outlook, Finn ​actively rejects the concept of genre constraints and takes a magpie-like approach to songwriting, creating exciting new hybrids in the process. R&B, jazz, rap, emo, and indie-rock all coalesce on his forthcoming debut EP, with stunning results.

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