Introducing singer-songwriter Babitha, listen to debut single ‘Get Away’

October 28 2020

Meet Babitha (pronounced ‘Tabitha’ with a ‘B’), a modern day Jolene inspired by the mythology of the ‘other woman’, and the first musical project of Sydney based artist Imogen Grist. Listen to Babitha‘s debut release ‘Get Away‘ HERE

Fuelled by recent heartbreak, Grist penned a love song in the hopes of winning back her paramour – an exercise that would prove to be the genesis of Babitha. Shaped by feelings of dissatisfaction and a yearning to escape, ‘Get Away‘ is a contemporary take on alt-country storytelling, with her deep, plaintive vocals lifted by the guitar-lead arrangements and shadowy harmonies. The lyrics are tender translations of universal sentiments – of longing to escape and hoping they’re not going alone: “In the backseat of this ride / I’ve been waiting all my life / To get a taste of how it feels. Turn the mirror back at you / Hope you feel the same way too / Put my hand up on the wheel” sings Grist.

Though written prior to the pandemic prompted lockdown earlier this year, the track takes on even more poignancy and relevance in its wake. “Get away was written before lockdown, while I was still living in Sydney and dreaming about moving to the south coast,” Babitha shares. “It just kind of came from that feeling of being dissatisfied. It’s about a person trying to find a bit of ownership, and taking the reigns.”

After moving from Sydney to the Scarborough, Grist began recording in the home studio of Alister Wright (Cloud Control/Vlossom). With close mates Russell Fitzgibbon on bass/harmonies, Alexi Grivas on guitar, and Wright on drums/backing vocals, the band settled into a comfortable groove and managed to lay down six tracks across two days. Jy-Perry Banks was later recruited on pedal-steel, and through collaboration with producer Caleb Jacobs and mastering engineer Nick Franklin, the Babithasound finally came to fruition.

Growing up outside of Orange in country NSW, Grist’s formative years were soundtracked by Neil Young, Simon and Garfunkel and ABBA. Her rural upbringing provided fertile ground for musical experimentation, and is still where she finds her greatest source of song writing inspiration. Her onstage confidence unfolded in recent years thanks to the power of communal karaoke. “I’m always trying to find that elusive combination of what makes something a hit karaoke song” she says. 

Babitha‘s brand of song writing evokes music’s golden years yet feels critically of our time; self-reflections draped in heartache emerge as fragile folk-country ballad hybrids, built out in rich harmonies and soaring melodies. Equal parts vulnerable and evocative, commanding and detached, the ‘other woman’ Dolly feared – and with good reason. To celebrate the release, Babitha will be playing an intimate single launch at the Lansdowne this November 25 – see gig details below. 

Get Away‘ by Babitha is out now, buy/stream it here.

Wed 25 Nov – Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney
Tickets available here.

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