Introducing Superchorus with ‘Back Online’, announces debut EP out June 17

June 4 2021

Meet Superchorus, DIY indie project of David Gauci who today debuts ‘Back Online‘, the title track from his forthcoming EP. LISTEN + WATCH HERE.

David Gauci’s tenure as a key figure in the Warrang / Sydney scene as a former member of HatchieDeath Bells, and most notably in electronic pop trio GAUCI, has extended the better part of a decade. Cutting his teeth as a regular touring guitarist across enough outfits to lose count of, today David stands as a dedicated participant of the local indie scene who overtime found himself more and more drawn to reflecting on his inner thoughts and feelings, and a desire to stand on his own.

As Superchorus, David threads together the sonic influences of Arcade Fire and Blur brought up on a love of My Bloody Valentine, re-imagined contemporarily like Alex G and Snail Mail. ‘Back Online‘ is the first piece of David’s demo trove, illustrating his ability to take the bedroom to the studio by way of a lovelorn, jubilant jaunt inspired by our lives on the internet. Layered between dirty guitar loops and tight processed drums chugging along, are contemplative lyrics that assess new beginnings and missed connections. With the release comes a music video directed and produced by Passive Kneeling, watch below.

David shares, “Back Online was one of the first few songs I wrote while working on this EP, with the lyrics allowing for reflection on appearance and relationships, and the whole notion of being “online” in this day and age. The concept of time explored in this internet age is all about being there and present and glued to your phone, but sometimes you’ve got to take a break. It feels like the beginning of a new era for me, really helping me understand that what I’ve wanted has been in front of me the whole time, and I just had to go and get it.”

As the title track of his forthcoming EP, David teases this same journey of self reflection across Back Online, exploring loneliness, unrequited love and more across five tracks. What sets Superchorus apart from the crowd is David’s driving passion to share music that’s there for you through everything, whether it be times of joy or to lean on through moments of sadness, to express what you wished you could to someone else, or to give assurance to your deepest thoughts. Superchorus promises to share this and more with Back Online, out this June 17.

Back Online‘ is out now, buy/stream it here.

by Superchorus
independently out June 17

Back Online
Slip Away
Race Is Run
Love To Give
I Want To Be The One

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