Introducing Yeek with his shapeshifting new single ‘3000 Miles (Baby Baby)’

February 5 2021

Introducing Filipino-American singer Yeek, who today shares ‘3000 Miles (Baby Baby)’, the lead single from his forthcoming new project, VALENCIA. Listen HERE

3000 Miles (Baby Baby)‘ is a sleek slow burner that ushers in a new era for Yeek through a mesmerizing, kaleidoscopic soundscape. The song is his first taste of new music this year and follows his 2019 EP IDK WHERE, which Highsnobiety said “manages to effortlessly showcase his unique sound,” and last year’s collaboration with María Isabel on ‘Where Does The Love Go?‘ from her debut Stuck in the Sky EP.

Yeek is the artistic moniker of Sebastian Carandag, a shape-shifting singer, songwriter, and producer who blends bedroom pop and low-key indie rock with shadings of alt-R&B, hip hop, and chillwave into hypnotic, sub-three minute, melancholic meditations. A wholly undefinable and perfectly contemporary sound that Yeek has been refining since 2015 across two full-length projects, two EPs, and countless standalone singles, his unique brand of indie-pop has already landed him collaborations with like-minded artists, such as Dominic Fike, UMI, Bakar, DUCKWRTH and more.

With the release of his 2019 EP IDK WHERE, Yeek won praise from i-DPigeons & PlanesOnes to WatchHighsnobiety, and more for its maturity and unbounded sense of style. Now on ‘3000 Miles (Baby Baby)’, he mixes grainy drum machines with gooey, sun-kissed synth melodies and his minimal vocal melodicism, moving between balmy, lackadaisical R&B and heartfelt hip hop flows. 

Raised in Naples, South Florida, an area mostly known for the lo-fi, blown-out hip hop that’s been emanating from its Eastside in recent years, Yeek is part of a burgeoning wave of new artists piecing together a distinct identity for the West coast of Florida. While still steeped in the same DIY ethos and aesthetics that birthed Soundcloud rap, Yeek approaches his music from a perspective that’s based more on indie rock and pop songwriting. Now based in New York via a brief layover in Los Angeles, Yeek’s music derives part of its undefinability from his nomadic existence, from the hazy cinematics of California to the leisurely, effortless vibes of Florida to the melting pot artistic attitude of New York City. 

3000 Miles (Baby Baby)’ is out now, buy/stream it here


“Yeek is the pop artist throwing convention to the wind”

“Unbounded by genre and making music that’s distinctly his own”

“Yeek’s songs are the best of both worlds, drawing on trip-hop and R&B in equal measure”
Pigeons and Planes

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