Introducing Ynes Mon; Listen to “Walk On Water feat. YUNGMORPHEUS”

July 16 2021
Photo by Jelani Rice

Ynes Mon is a mercurial producer, songwriter and studio rat based in Los Angeles. Sidestepping normal genre conventions, they pull from elements of R&B, experimental electronic music, and more to spin a web of falsetto laden indie that is unconcerned with the algorithm.

Listen to “Walk On Water feat. YUNGMORPHEUS” out today HERE.

Ynes Mon grew up singing with the San Francisco Symphony for many years, culminating in winning multiple Grammy Awards as a group, performing for the Pope at the Vatican, and missing school to tour Europe and Asia. After high school, Ynes Mon left the classical world and moved to Los Angeles from the Bay Area to pursue their love of recorded music.

Cutting their teeth on recording sessions with the likes of Kamasi Washington, Ynes Mon moved to a more permanent home at Stones Throw Studios where they have currently produce and engineer for artists like Sudan Archives, Peyton, ZZZAHARA, among others. Together with ZZZAHARA, Ynes Mon is also U.S. Velvet– a blistering post-punk duo built for a modern era.

“Walk on Water” highlights Ynes Mon’s trance-like, mesmerizing vocals over a choir of guitars, laid back R&B production and a guest verse from LA based rapper YUNGMORPHEUS. Says Ynes Mon of the track, “It’s about that lightbulb moment when you realize that nothing matters and the empowerment that follows.”

“Walk On Water feat. YUNGMORPHEUS” by Ynes Mon is out now, buy/stream it here.

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