Jean Dawson announces new album CHAOS NOW* out October 7 + shares ‘THREE HEADS*’

Photo by Nico Hernandez
August 22 2022

PRAISE FOR Jean Dawson

“[Jean Dawson] is one of my favourite, new discoveries of the past year”


“He just makes the music he wants to see in the world, for people like him: the outsiders, the latchkey kids, the non-conformists”


“Jean Dawson is having the most fun with his music. His blend of pop melodies and hip-hop production is perfect for 2020”


“Jean Dawson is a rare artistic breed”


“Dawson’s debut sounds like one of the most sophisticated DIY art projects of the year. We’re so used to genre-blending that almost nothing surprises anymore, but Dawson pulls off something unexpected in every song”

Pigeons & Planes

“Dawson blends distorted guitars with vintage drum machine sounds, switching between singing, chanting, and rapping. Listening to it feels more like flipping through different radio stations rather than one distinct project—it’s sometimes pop, sometimes punk, sometimes hip-hop”


“Raised on the cultural border between Mexico and the US, his vibrant approach to music-making isn’t about bending genres for the heck of it, but about being honest to himself and the group of outsiders drawn to his creative expression”


“Avant-garde, theatrical, and high-conceptual aesthetics”


“Jean Dawson really kicks down any wall of any box he’s put in, there is no way of knowing quite what is next to come”

Tenner Magazine

‘THREE HEADS*’ is out now, buy/stream it here.

Undoubtedly one of today’s most groundbreaking artists, Jean Dawson announces his highly anticipated new album titled CHAOS NOW*, which is slated for release on October 7. In celebration, Jean shares his audacious new single ‘THREE HEADS*’ accompanied by an explosive music video. LISTEN HERE + WATCH HERE.

Produced by Jean Dawson, Austin Corona & Wyatt Bernard of Nobody Nobody, Nate Sherman & Ty Mayer of Floral & Fake Pollocks, the ‘THREE HEADS*‘ ushers in a new era, in which Jean balances chaos and control and takes his art and vision to unparalleled levels. Embodied by ‘THREE HEADS*‘, Jean’s music is vast and unbound, not existing within a specific genre, inviting listeners to see themselves fully through him. By providing a space that is open and fluid, listeners are able to exist sans labels, binaries and expectations, and ultimately find belonging for many.Directed by Bradley J. Calder, the high velocity visual showcases Jean’s incredible range sonically and personally, setting the tone for his new body of work. CHAOS NOW*  is set to cement Jean as one of today’s most revered artists and one of tomorrow’s greats.

In addition, Jean will be kicking off his debut headlining US CHAOS NOW* tour on October 16 in San Diego through November 17 in Los Angeles. The LA-based duo Junior Varsity will be joining Jean on tour as openers. More ticket information can be found HERE.

Jean is a leader amongst a newly-born generation of kids straddling multiple cultures and worlds, operating comfortably within their own skin resulting in a worldwide cult following. He invites listeners to see themselves through his art, as his music provides a score for the life-and-times of kids like him (us). His singular sound and impact on the current music landscape have caught the attention of notable artists such as SZA and A$AP Rocky both of whom have worked in the studio with Jean recently. Through his first two projects, Pixel Bath and Bad Sports, Jean has amassed millions of streams and garnered large critical acclaim by NPR, i-D, The Fader, Paper Magazine, Pigeons & Planes, NME, MTV News, Remezcla, Hypebeast, Essence, Nylon and many more. Most recently, Jean delivered an earth shattering debut performance at Coachella Music Festival for which Variety crowned him as one of the festival’s standout artists.

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