Jean Dawson shares new song + video ‘P*RN ACTING*’

February 28 2022
Photo by Nico Hernandez 

“[Jean Dawson] is one of my favourite, new discoveries of the past year.” 

“He just makes the music he wants to see in the world, for people like him:
the outsiders, the latchkey kids, the non-conformists” 


“Jean Dawson is having the most fun with his music.
His blend of pop melodies and hip-hop production is perfect for 2020″


“Jean Dawson is a rare artistic breed” 

“Dawson’s debut sounds like one of the most sophisticated DIY art projects of the year.
We’re so used to genre-blending that almost nothing surprises anymore,
but Dawson pulls off something unexpected in every song”

Pigeons & Planes

​“Dawson blends distorted guitars with vintage drum machine sounds,
switching between singing, chanting, and rapping. Listening to it feels more like
flipping through different radio stations rather than one distinct project—it’s sometimes pop, sometimes punk, sometimes hip-hop”


“Raised on the cultural border between Mexico and the US, his vibrant approach to music-making isn’t about bending genres for the heck of it, but about being honest to himself and the group of outsiders drawn to his creative expression”

Jean Dawson, undoubtedly one of today’s groundbreaking, experimental pop artists, returns with a voracious new track entitled ‘P*RN ACTING*‘ and a staggering music video companion. LISTEN + WATCH HERE.

The release ushers in a new era for Jean sonically and personally. Directed by Bradley J. Calder, the visual is laced with an element of chaos and captures the humanity in all of us: we’re all just humans finding our way at the end of the day. ‘P*RN ACTING*‘ showcases Jean’s striking ability to create deeply genuine connections time after time, by spotlighting larger universal themes communicated through his own revelations.

Sonically, Jean‘s music sees him moving through and referencing generations of rock, via an array of feelings and experiences unique to Jean, but universal to all. The outcome is a sound that goes beyond the pop-punk label he’s often been saddled with, posing Jean Dawson as a figure bound to forever alter the boundaries of pop music in general. Of the release, Jean shares We are all the same, we are all bags of flesh, tryna prove that we’re not as bad as we know we are.”

Jean is a leader amongst a newly-born generation of kids straddling multiple cultures and worlds, operating comfortably within their own skin. His music serves as a score for the life-and-times of kids like him (us). His one-of-a-kind sound and impact on the current music landscape have caught the attention of notable artists such as SZAMiguel, and A$AP Rocky, all of whom have worked in the studio with Jean recently. Through his first two projects, Pixel Bath and Bad Sports, Jean has amassed millions of streams and garnered large critical acclaim by NPRi-DThe FADERPAPER MagazinePigeons & PlanesNMEMTV NewsRemezclaHypebeastEssenceNylon and many more. Stay tuned for more to come from Jean. 

P*RN ACTING*‘ is out now, buy/stream it here.

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26-year-old Jean Dawson is equal parts musician and visual artist. Half Mexican and half Black, he was raised in Tijuana and San Diego near the border. His love for music was ignited during his daily five hour treks across the Mexican / American border to attend school in the US. He came up listening to the rock and rap that his multicultural parents loved, as well as the Latin sounds that surrounded him. Raised by a single working class Mexican mother, he leaned into art and began challenging notions of hyper-masculinity that line Mexican and Black cultures. To this day, his art continues to be rooted in these values and his extraordinary life journey.