Jordan Dennis Shares Rapid-Fire HDMI2 EP

November 10 2020

Jordan Dennis’ new EP HDMI2 is out now via his own label imprint, Jordan Dennis Records (a joint venture between The Orchard and Melbourne tastemaker collective, The Operatives). Listen to HDMI2 HERE and watch the playful new video for “Elon Must” HERE.

Melbourne’s Jordan Dennis first emerged as the frontman for the soulful, hip-hop inspired collective Billy Davis, whose 2017 album Family Portrait featured the likes of Denzel Curry and saw praise from OkayPlayer, DJ Booth, among others.  A master at weaving multiple genres into his craft, Dennis’s solo career took off in 2018 where he has since seamlessly bounced between smooth neo-soul, spitfire rhymes, and glossy precision-cut wordplay invoking the style of JID, Kenny Mason, Mick Jenkins, and building a loyal fanbase along the way. Dennis’ sharp-witted verses have also appeared on tracks produced by UNO Stereo, Dugong Jr, and landed him on stage in Australia opening for the like of Noname, J Cole, and more.

HDMI2 is Jordan Dennis’s most accomplished project to date. Its 9 songs shift between powerful introspection, exploring heartbreak and the brittleness of the male ego, and unshakeable confidence. Take lead single “Hokus Pokus.” With its nutty horns and references to Houdini (the hilarious Beats By Dre-backed music video sees Jordan channel Napoleon Dynamite as he pulls off various magic tricks), the cartoonish banger is about feeling so confident that you can quite literally make something out of nothing like a magician.

Dennis’ assured flow and tender falsetto make him sound like a fully formed pop star, with the artist expertly towing the line between R&B and smoked out party rap. “I want this record to show people I am capable of both singing and rapping,” he explains. “It’s like, I can spit over a funk, disco or even a drum and bass instrumental. I feel like I can do it all. Each track is its own individual world. The reason I’ve got a song named after Elon Musk (highlight “Elon Must”) is that his mind is on another planet in terms of pushing the envelope. That’s what I want to do for the Australian rap scene.”

His sights are now set firmly on international stardom, explaining further, “If people are coming into this expecting some Iggy Azalea type sound then they’re going to be very surprised. I hope that HDMI2 proves to people that Australia has some of the best rappers in the world. Yeah, that would be nice.”

HDMI2 by Jordan Dennis is out now, buy/stream it here.

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