Kavi returns with thumping new single ‘D-TRIPLE-U’

February 17 2022
Photo by Khushi Patil

“Kavi’s story is one that is global, but his music is undoubtedly universal”
Rolling Stone

“REALITY TV feels like an explosion of pent-up energy, packed with allusions to
iconic moments in pop culture and classic tropes seen throughout film or TV”


“Rejecting societal norms and expectations by way of euphoric club-kid escapism”

“Captures queer club euphoria”

“One to watch”
Purple Sneakers

Today, multi-hyphenate creative Kavi returns with the scintillating ‘D-TRIPLE-U‘. LISTEN + WATCH HERE.

Since bursting onto the scene with the charged ode to queer club spaces through ‘REALITY TV‘, Kavi‘s latest ‘D-TRIPLE-U‘ is the drop; the imminent comedown of dawn’s arrival and blinding return of fluorescent house lights. Here, the club space becomes the ultimate vice, a distraction from the anxieties of life. However, like any attempt to recreate the perfect memory twice, the serendipitous euphoria that once washed over is increasingly harder to capture. Acid flecks and glitch trigger a forced facing of what’s bottled up deep within. Produced by Rino Darusman and co-directed by Yasmin Suteja, ‘D-TRIPLE-U‘ illustrates how the ecstasy of dance-pop may be fueled by a dark undercurrent.

Speaking to the release, Kavi shares “I wanted this track to capture what I think is almost a turning point in every club kid’s party career – the desperate clinging onto the highs that come with taking more of what once worked flawlessly, and the refusal to acknowledge the possibility that, maybe, the lows aren’t worth it anymore. I was growing out of the carefree party routine, the things we’d take on nights out didn’t work so well, or for as long anymore, and the fun train journeys home were beginning to be replaced by lonely, introspective Uber rides. I couldn’t stand being alone.

“D-TRIPLE-U was written amidst that dawning realisation and those months intersected with the beginning of the slow demise of one of my best friendships – one that was also a world-bending crush,” he reveals. “The highs, while still high, became fewer and in between the rock-bottom lows. I was terrified by the growing regularity of the cathartic elation of companionship on the dancefloor, being switched out for uneasy pits in my stomach and tears amidst anxiety attacks in club bathrooms and back alleys.”

The release of ‘D-TRIPLE-U‘ follows Kavi‘s recent appearance in GUCCI x The North Face’s Chapter 2 partnership for RUSSH Magazine, and Google Pixel’s ‘In Our Image’ campaign across the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. With the recent release of ‘REALITY TV‘, Kavi has seen praise across local tastemakers and community radio alike, across PAPER MagazineRolling StoneSniffersPileratsPurple Sneakers and more, with support extending to MTVFBi RadioTriple R and others. Stay tuned as Kavi prepares to unveil his multi-faceted, tactile club world.

‘D-TRIPLE-U’ is independently out now, buy/stream it here.

Lighting and Cinematography: Alex Quirk
Co-Direction: Karvesh Pillai and Yasmin Suteja
Assist: Nadia Razlan
Production: Yasmin Suteja
Set design and build: Karvesh Pillai
Wearing: Jules BramleyEwan BellDallas Hurts

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