KUČKA’s debut album Wrestling our now via Soothsayer / LuckyMe, listen to ‘Your World’

April 30 2021

Today, KUČKA, finally shares her debut album Wrestling, out now via Soothsayer / LuckyMe. Listen to Wrestling HERE, watch the video for the new single ‘Your World‘ HERE.

Binding R&B, jazz, new age and electro influences together to create autobiographical stories on growth, love and journeying. Her debut album is the result of a tough but fruitful transition in her life, spanning love, conflict, sexuality and maturity. The result is an honest depiction of her lived experiences told by an immaculate voice that shimmers with a futuristic sheen.

The project of Laura Jane Lowther, the artist shares of today’s release: “Wrestling is a deeply personal album and releasing it feels like I’m passing around my diary for everyone to read –liberating and vulnerable at the same time. It’s introspective but with a little bit of party along the way and really touches the full spectrum of emotions that come with so much change. My hope is that as people immerse themselves in the world, they connect not only to the music and lyrics, but also themselves.”

A global citizen, KUČKA has moved around the world twice in her life. From Northern England as a kid, to Australia as a teen, to Los Angeles as an adult. Exploring music production as a teenager, she trained in composition; playing in bands in Perth’s art scene, eventually releasing her first music which won a raft of Australian music awards. Her breakthrough led to collaboration with A$AP RockyFlume and SOPHIE. Jump to 2021, and KUČKA is married and living in America with her wife (the visual artist and director Dillon Howl) who have immersed themselves in creating every part of Wrestling.

KUČKA draws inspiration from the thriving scene of contemporary and digital art in Los Angeles, as well as the landscape of independent music, radio stations and activism in the city. Committed to community engagement and the power of music, she’s mentoring young talent as an official Ableton instructor through lockdown, read more about that here

She is standing tall with a timeless record that is self-written, self-produced and self-recorded. There are also 3 collaborative tracks co-produced with Frank Ocean collaborator VegynNosaj Thing and day one, Flume. Welcome to the world of KUČKA

Wrestling is out now via Soothsayer / LuckyMe, buy/stream it here

Your World
Sky Brown
No Good For Me


“After huge collaborations with the likes of Flume and A$AP Rocky, producer
Laura Jane Lowther is making an uncompromising statement of her own”


“Wrestling sounds like nothing else out this year, which shouldn’t be surprising given that
its author is a conduit for the most cutting-edge sounds in the world”

The Guardian

“There’s beauty in the way KUČKA creates her soundscapes;
infusing them with hypnotic rhythms, and also sparseness that can really captivate”

triple j

“The album captures the ecstasy and agony of reinvention, from the turbulence of leaving everyone behind to the excitement of meeting someone new”
Red Bull Music 

“Gorgeously soulful & shimmering…intimate & surreal” 

“a wonderfully opaque piece of digital soul”

‘KUČKA’s ‘Wrestling’ Is the Revelation of a Pop Auteur’

“KUČKA presents personal accounts from her life,
but also invites the listener to engage with their own, offering fuel for the imagination
with her creative sound synthesis and skillfully structured songs”


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