Laces shares new experimental and atmospheric EP, Puer

March 28 2024

1. O.E Logistics
2. BORING! (feat. Grasps)
3. Olce IV
4. Vertoak Soft Industries (feat. Grasps)
5. Gift Of Fruit

Puer by Laces is out now, buy/stream here

Melbourne producer Laces shares his latest EP Puer, a foray into experimental sounds. LISTEN HERE.

This release sees Laces depart from the hard-hitting rave sound that formed his previous single ‘ei09k,’ entering new territory that is minimal, delicate and constantly unexpected. The EP opens with ‘O.E Logistics,’ a kinetic soundscape of organic textures that bend and break, transitioning effortlessly into the lead single ‘BORING!’ featuring Sydney producer Grasps. Digitised vocals drip with attitude against minimal, industrial production.

Tracks ‘Vertoak Soft Industries (feat. Grasps)’ and today’s focus track ‘Olce IV’ call back to the crystal soundscape and underground club sounds of his debut EP ‘Field Fallacy XVI.’ Speaking more to ‘Olce IV’, Laces shares “Olce IV came together after throwing ideas at the wall until something just slightly resembling a core motif arose. I was inspired by artists like Cedric Madden, Ingrate and Plata to make a track with a warm fuzz to contrast the rest of the noise on Puer. As the track progresses it breaks away into an extended ambient section that I produced in a haze one afternoon last summer that feels like swimming in a tank of liquid rubber.”

Puer concludes with the warm, orchestral ‘Gift of Fruit,’ a testament to Laces bold evolution as an electronic producer. “The sounds nestled within Puer were the culmination of my time spent lurking city streets after club shows once I had moved into the heart of Melbourne. At small points in time, I found myself in an eerie colossal emptiness navigating my way home and it went on to inform where my head was at when writing the tracks for this EP” he elaborates.

“I put a lot of work into the noise bed beneath tracks like ‘O.E Logistics’ and ‘BORING!’ to help create a sense of space that reflected what it was like to traverse blunt and lifeless metropolitan areas. Tracks like ‘Olce IV’ and ‘Gift Of Fruit’ were intentionally designed to appear like glimpses into packets of new thoughts stumbled upon during these walks. Puer is meant to reflect the sense of peculiar intrigue felt whilst dissociating halfway through walking under an underpass or noticing a particularly inviting alleyway from the corner of your eye.“

Tonight, Laces will be holding a Puer EP Listening Party at Nicholas Building in Naarm / Melbourne – RSVP HERE.

Melbourne/Naarm-based DJ and eclectic producer Laces is a mainstay across Australia’s electronic underground, negating and challenging genre boundaries.

Laces released his debut EP FIELD FALLACY XVI on Nina Las Vegas’ label NLV Records in 2021, swiftly followed by his club-centric remix EP FIELD FALLACY HAPTICS, Laces spearheaded the hardstyle revival within online music communities and Naarm’s underground club scene. The same year, leading single ‘The Ridge’ was featured prominently in the iPhone 13 Pro advertising campaign across in-store billboards and social media. Laces concluded 2021 with a nationwide tour, further solidifying Laces’ place in the Australian dance scene.

Continuing to evolve his sound, Laces explored new sonic territories in 2022 with tracks like ‘Pace’, featuring UK-based Illegal Data producer TEEN, a dreamy composition of fluttering percussion, and ‘ei09k’, a brutish club synth opera. He also collaborated with fellow electronic artists Ninajirachi, Kenta204, Scan, and Sus1er.

As a DJ, Laces has spent countless nights commanding dance floors all over the world, from dark basements to park raves. He has previously supported the likes of Bladee, Thaiboy Digital, μ-Ziq, Mechatok, Umru, Jamesjamesjames, Iglooghost, Blood of Aza, Kavari, Nammy Wams and Mike Midnight.