Little Simz unveils new track ‘Rollin Stone’

June 15 2021

With her powerful new track ‘Rollin Stone‘, Little Simz delivers a potent, no holds barred sucker-punch straight to the heart, spitting her trademark quickfire raps like no other and reminding people why, exactly, she is one of the most vital artists in the game. Listen HERE.

Bristling with well-deserved swagger and propelled by barely controlled fury, ‘Rollin Stone‘ throws in references to Shibuya and Gucci, awards, and Sao Paulo to highlight not only how Simz has ascended to the top of the food chain, but also the sheer grit and graft it’s taken to get there. As she coos on the second half of the track: “Mummy handled business / Papa was a rollin stone / I’m a mix a both there ain’t no bitch boy in my bones”.

Rollin Stone‘ follows on from the twofer that Simz delivered in the spring, with the epic opening missive of ‘Introvert‘ followed by the gorgeous swoon of ‘Woman‘ (and not forgetting the accompanying videos, the latter of which was directed by Simz herself). ‘Rollin Stone‘ is just another example of why Simz is one of the most urgent and important voices we have today, and another reason to get very, very excited indeed about her forthcoming album, Sometimes I Might Be Introvert, released September 3 on Age 101.

Rollin Stone‘ is out now, buy/stream it here.


Out September 3rd
Age 101
Pre-order HERE

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