London’s Subculture shares hyper daydream of an EP, ACiiiD DRIPPED FLYING BUTT€R GUNS

June 26 2021

Subculture today shares ACiiiD DRIPPED FLYING BUTTER GUNS EP via Twisted Hearts Records. The title track amongst these three exquisitely-produced songs rips open the sky like a rainstorm. It’s injected with adrenaline as a siren sound beckons you to pay attention and lean in as a summer strum of a guitar keeps the momentum going, listen HERE.

Gorillaz-approved producer Subculture (aka Edan Feldman-Vazan) is becoming known for a collage-style of production powered by soulful instrumentation, lo-fi hip hop beats, pulsing rhythms, and forward-thinking synths and samples. The Haifa-born, London-raised producer’s ability to seamlessly maneuver between styles and build an eclectic community around his work comes from years of honing his skills not just as a producer but also as a songwriter, DJ, and record label co-founder. 

His most recent release, “Tornados,” garnered praise from COLORS, Complex, WNYC, among others, and featured a collaboration with one of the UK’s most distinctive, incisive rising storytellers, Hak Baker –creating a devastatingly profound track that has you contemplating morbidity during lockdown… while managing to squeeze in some fun with chromatics. It’s a perfect lead into the hyper, super sun-shine-y title track “Acid Dripped Flying Butter Guns” and a new offering featuring LA-via-NY artist Edwin Arzu, the dreamy cool-down closing track “Saving Grace.” All of the trippy, mesmerizing visuals and artwork for the EP were created by UK artist, LUMPS.

Of the EP, Subculture says, “I wanted to create something that sounded like bright vivid colours. Despite all the negatives, living under lockdown definitely freed me from certain genre commitments and creative habits. Forced to find inspiration elsewhere, I became guided more by psychedelics, thoughts of death and the dream world.”

Subculture‘s love for music and pushing the limits of production runs deep; collaboration, experimentation, and authentic expression come first. His 2019 I DREAM OF EVERYTHING mixtape garnered praise from the New York Times, FADER, COLORS, Clash, BBC 1Xtra, Complex, Notion Magazine, among others, and featured artists like Rachel Chinouriri, Goya Gumbani, Tertia May, Grand Pax, and more. 

ACiiiD DRIPPED FLYING BUTTER GUNS EP by Subculture is out today via Twisted Hearts Records,
buy/stream it here.

Tornados Feat. Hak Baker
Acid Dripped Flying Butter Guns
Saving Grace Feat. Edwin Arzu

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