Lucca Dohr shares “Winter’s Coming” via WILDER (Future Classic + Tom Windish)

July 20 2021
Photo by Clay Westcott

Lucca Dohr today shares “Winter’s Coming,” via WILDER records (Tom Windish x Future Classic JV). Co-written and produced with Ben Chandler (Dominic Fike, ALX, Tobias Dray), it makes sense that “Winter’s Coming” takes 19-year-old Dohr’s previous left-of-center pop rock style to a summery, West Coast place (in spite of the title).

Listen HERE and watch the video (dir. by Noah Tibazi, & designed/edited by Lucca himself) HERE.

“Winter’s Coming” opens up with a guitar line Chandler first showed Lucca – immaculately laid back and pristinely clean – with Lucca’s voice coming in quickly after, equally as smooth, with a pop sensibility in the delivery, melody, and harmonies that feels like it could be on an early-aughts OC soundtrack (in the best way possible). There’s nothing overdone about it, with a dreamy ratio of vox, simple but effective drums, lyrics that actually mean a whole lot, and guitars wandering not-so-aimlessly throughout.

Of the new track, Lucca shares, “Before ‘Winter’s Coming,’ I had never written anything super up-beat with such a ‘pop’ sound. It’s definitely a genre I’m new to. Ben Chandler and I met over a Zoom session in November 2020.  I remember him saying something like, ‘I’ve got this little guitar line,’ and we both immediately dug the vibe. Around that time in my life, I was dealing with frequent panic attacks: I would fall asleep and wake up in the middle of the night with my heart racing, gasping for air. I was convinced that my body was slowly collapsing and that every day I was coming closer and closer to a catastrophe. On top of that, I was trying to manage a relationship, which was difficult and scary at times–especially since the person I loved was moving away.”

He further adds about the lyrics,“So it’s about being afraid to deal with my emotions on my own when the person who had helped me was leaving. The lyrics in this song are honest–every word is true. When I think about how the lyrics contrast with the production, it’s almost disconcerting. The lyrics have darker tones, but the production is super joyful. However, I think that works in the song’s favor. It’s something you can listen to when you’re driving to the beach, and also a song you can listen to when you’re dealing with fear and anxiety.”

Lucca grew up surrounded by instruments with a touring-musician father who used to take him on the road whenever he could. All those years listening to his idols like Bowie, Queen, Zeppelin, Earth, Wind & Fire, The Beach Boys, among others, as well as honing his own voice led to the release of his first few singles that racked up millions of streams on Spotify, Apple, early praise from Lyrical Lemonade, Ones To Watch, Before The Data, Early Rising, and more. Going to school for film in the fall, Lucca puts his whole heart and energy into all of his creative endeavors; editing video when he can’t produce music, and writing honest, heartfelt songs when he doesn’t have a film project to finish. This collaboration with Ben Chandler is an exciting crossover and next step into a world he fits right into.

Winter’s Coming” by Lucca Dohr is out now via WILDER Records, buy/stream it here.

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