Luna Li announces Duality LP with “Silver Into Rain feat. beabadoobee”

February 4 2022
Photo by Felice Trinidad

“spellbinding indie-rock from a divine new star”

“[an] intricate dreamscape take on indie pop… the music is lonely yet celestial”

“psychedelic music to celebrate time spent alone”

“a joyous, sticky middle-ground between winking nostalgia and modern experimentation”

“Luna Li Follows Her Dreams in ‘Cherry Pit'”
Paper Mag

“lush, dreamy, multifaceted”

“brimming with gentle affirmations, whimsical storytelling, and unmatched musicality”

Korean-Canadian multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, composer, and producer, Luna Li, today announces her intricate debut album, Duality, to be released March 4th, 2022 via In Real Life (Liv.e, Peggy Gou, CLIP) as well as a headline North American tour. Listen/watch “Silver Into Rain feat. beabadoobee”  HERE

“Silver Into Rain”
 is a thudding heartbeat of a song. Psychedelic and dreamlike, scattered with gorgeous moments – the laid back but totally shredder guitar solos are what make this track extra special.Luna Lishares, “‘Silver Into Rain’ is about longing to become a better self. In the song I’m lamenting all of the things about myself that I feel are holding me back in life, and how sometimes it can feel like everything you touch turns bad, turns to rain. Bea came in with the most angelic voice and perfect sentiment for the song, and brought it to a really brilliant place.” 

The universe of Luna Li is hyperlush and inclusive by design. A blend of indie rock and psych; where experimental neoclassical morphs into pristine pop, Luna Li is the sound of an everyday symphony, crafted from the perspective of the female gaze. When the pandemic started, Li started self-recording instrumental interludes as a radical form of care. By letting others into spontaneous moments of creation, she made her process transparent and communal. Her “jams” — video snippets of her constructing beats piecemeal — went viral many times over, racking up over 8 million streams and producing a fiercely loyal following. Its resulting self-titled EP garnered widespread acclaim (“Why aren’t people queuing up to buy beats from this person?,” asked The Needle Drop’s Anthony Fantano.) and led to coverage in Paper Magazine, Complex, i-D, among others, and Japanese Breakfast personally tapping Luna Li as support for her fall 2021 tour. Li also performed on the main stage of 88rising’s “Head In The Clouds” festival, and was selected as one of NME’s Top 100 Emerging Artists in 2022.

Growing up Korean-Canadian in Toronto, Luna Li was always immersed in art. Her mom ran a music school where a collection of instruments were always within arms reach. She started her classical training on the piano before graduating to violin. When she discovered the harp, she realized that the skills from her formal training were not only transferable, but expansive. She mastered the electric guitar, then learned that adding synths and programming drum loops could unlock a new dimension to her music. An arranger at heart, Li developed a new lexicon for her instruments to communicate with each other. Honing an aptitude for experimentation, she changes her process for each song, recording her first takes and morphing her poems into lyrics. 

After dropping out of university after a single semester, she became a mainstay of Toronto’s indie rock scene which lead to the creation of Luna Li. Her forthcoming debut album Duality (featuring Jay Som, Dreamer Isioma, and beabadoobee) wrestles otherworldly ambitions to the ground, and embraces the notions of vulnerability and identity in order to better understand the collective. Capable of both detonating an incendiary riff or slipping into the splendor of celestial strings, the album’s power lies in its most delicate moments. By honing her intuition as an artist capable of taking risks and refining the contours of a melody to best serve the song, Luna Li invites enough space for her ideas to breathe. “The songs never quite have only one feeling,” shesays. “Each song had some element of light and dark — where there’s happiness there’s still uncertainty; where there’s anxiety there’s also beauty; and where there’s tension there’s freedom.”  

March 8 – Chop Suey – Seattle, WA
March 9 – Holocene – Portland, OR
March 11 – Popscene at Rickshaw Stop – San Francisco, CA
March 12 – The Echo – Los Angeles, CA
March 13 – Valley Bar – Phoenix, AZ
March 22 – Baby’s All Right – Brooklyn, NY
March 23 – The Lounge at World Cafe Live – Philadelphia, PA
March 25 – Songbyrd – Washington, DC
April 27 – Mills Hardware – Hamilton, Ontario
April 29 – Axis Club – Toronto, Ontario
April 30 – Bar Le Ritz – Montreal, Québec

Duality LP by Luna Li is out March 4th, 2022, pre-order/pre-save it here

Cherry Pit
Boring Again (feat. Jay Som)
Flower (In Full Bloom) (feat. Dreamer Isioma)
Alone But Not Lonely
Silver Into Rain (feat. beabadoobee)
What You’re Thinking
Star Stuff
Misery Moon

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