Mansion Recordings launches today with debut release ‘TOUGH’ by Burmese-Australian artist X4nder

June 30 2023

‘Tough’ is out now via Mansion Recordings, buy/stream it here.

Introducing Mansion Recordings, the new label established by a collective of artists across the hip hop spectrum, under the mentorship of Joshua Merriel (triple j’s, Greyscale Records). Formally launching today with their first release of the year, ‘TOUGH’ by Burmese-Australian artist X4nder. LISTEN HERE.

Mansion represents a dynamic collective of visionary creators, driven by a shared passion for pushing the boundaries of innovation across multiple domains. Motivated by the prospect of opportunity, Mansion Recordings serves as more than just a service to distribute and promote, Mansion is a platform created by first and/or second-generation Australian immigrants from Asia, Africa and more, operating on the autonomy and creative helm of its roster.

In Merriel’s own words, “The concept of a mansion is something more than just a house. It’s a home. Each artist under the label brings something unique to the table. Mansion will quickly become a moniker synonymous with the efforts of these young artists to build something they own, something they can be proud of, something that lives on long after their time has come and gone. Our diverse members hail from a rich tapestry of ethnic backgrounds, each contributing their distinct skill set and personal narrative. United by a deep appreciation for music, fashion, and culture, we collaborate seamlessly to forge new frontiers and redefine artistic expression.”

Enter X4nder, the Burmese-Australian rapper from Boorloo / Perth who today shares his latest release ‘TOUGH’. Musically standing alongside Juice WRLD and Rich Brian, X4nder’s passion for music and performance stems from a young age, diving head first into writing and recording music in his early teenage years. Pulling a leaf from his ever-expanding corner of story and prose, ‘TOUGH’ speaks to the struggles of relationship woes and their impact on self-confidence and worth. As heartfelt as he is unapologetic, through his music X4nder hopes to reassure other outsiders of their shared kinship and that they aren’t alone.

In his own words, X4nder reveals “it’s about struggling to come to terms with the fact that you feel no longer loved and questioning how to trust new relationships in regards to sharing pain and problems as the success of a relationship is undetermined. The repetition of the word “Tough” emphasizes the difficulties faced in dealing with your emotions and coming to terms with the situation. Like looking at yourself in the mirror, but it only reminds you of how tough it is to move on and find someone who will love you for who you are.”

With seven artists already signed to the Mansion Recordings roster, each act comes together with a shared understanding of the migrant experience. Each reconciles with experiences of re-homing, isolation, cross-cultural crises and more in sonically varied and unique forms that highlight a mutual passion to create, revelling in the everyday experience and more, their artistry enhanced by a firm drive to build new roots.

From soundcloud-come-underworld inspired rapper Angel, to soulection RNB crooner Timi Afilaka; NWOO delivers experimental alternative hip hop – straight up bars atop jazz and soul instrumentals – while ApexAfi pulls from the genre’s dreamier corners and Ryanizdead covers hard-cut drill. Mansion Recordings promises a steady stream of releases this year, each unveiling another exciting offering of talent, nurtured and developed, ready to stake their claim for the national mainstream and beyond.