Mariam Sawires arrives in full force with new EP, The Healer

July 2 2021

Today, Egyptian Australian songwriter Mariam Sawires unveils The Healer EP, a testament to lessons learnt, and coming through on the other side. LISTEN HERE.

Sawires has collected life experience with each step taken across borders and continents over the course of the last decade. Now she shares a body of work that delivers an essential message of ‘healing’ to its listeners. With the previously released ‘Meaning Of Our Love‘, Mariam revealed that true and authentic love will always transcend generations, circumstances and more, to not be afraid to lay one’s faith in divine intervention. ‘Trust‘ illustrates that every lesson, good and bad, is cause for pause and reflection; to remember that you will always receive what you can handle. Now with new single ‘Healer‘, she encourages us to always fill up our own “cups” in order to support others through difficult times.

Of The Healer’s release, Mariam reflects “This EP was produced and finalised during a period where I took time to process my experiences and channel it into my music and art. Personally, The Healer symbolises a bright new chapter in my life: one of freedom and choice, of growth and healing after pain and hardship. In this time, I’ve gone from not trusting to trusting myself, others and life – and I feel peaceful within myself now. I am very grateful for the lessons learned and I am more determined to listen to my heart and intuition with my music and with the relationships I keep around me.”

The Healer reflects this newfound contentment with a restorative palette of neo-soul harmonies, tender synth pads, cascading harps and weightless beats, lulling the listener into Mariam’s Eden of compassion, healing and growth, leaving them rejuvenated and revitalised. Meanwhile, Mariam’s supple vocal melodies vibrate with a prayer-like vitality, her earthy vocals twisting and turning not according to any noticeable structure but rather following their own path, guided by instinct and sentiment. Sawires’ music is deeply felt, an approach to storytelling and imparting emotion through song informed by her Egyptian and Arabic influences. 

Raised in a large family obsessed with music, Mariam Sawires has valiantly picked up the talent torch to launch her own career. From an early age, she was exposed to a cacophony of sonic influences – introduced to Lauryn Hill, Stevie Wonder and Queen by her mother, and taught traditional Arabic rhythms from her professional tabla playing father. Re-connecting with her roots has been a key element to The Healer‘s making, with Mariam sharing “Exploring my Egyptian heritage has been a healing process through understanding my grandparents’ stories and what was before me. I think it is important for everyone to preserve and celebrate one’s cultural roots and expression. This is a form of ‘filling one’s own cup.” With her formal musical training and classical education together in the bank, Sawires took off to travel the world alone, casually listing Berlin, France, Columbia, Japan and more, one of her many homes since 2012.

With each new step across the world, Mariam’s journey twisted in a direction unlike the one before, with the impact of each new turn, right or wrong, marked on her personal and professional growth – France was rich with historical and inspiring, but lonely; Berlin a hub of creativity and musicality, but intense and easy to disappear within. Japan, however, was the most centring, spiritual experience she’s had to date. Wherever she settled, she built a new creative hub, workshopping ideas and finesse her sound. Her stories have been praised by triple j’s Richard KingsmillUnearthedDouble JFBi RadioPileratsFashion JournalSniffersPOCC MagLife Without Andy, and BIGSOUND. Now with her feet firmly planted back in Australia, Mariam Sawires is taking to the field she’s known she was always meant for and is ready to thrive. “Everyone has a ‘healer’ within themself,” Mariam shares, “it’s important to channel and nurture the Healer within, through what medium feels right.” For Sawires, The Healer EP is that medium

The Healer EP is out now, buy/stream it here.

The Garden (Intro)
Meaning Of Our Love
Re-member (Outro)


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“I fell head over heels for it on first go”
Declan Byrne, triple j

“Mariam Sawires might not have released much music, but she’s arrived in perfect form”
Double J

“There are some artists out there, who when you hear them, all you can do is ask yourself is
‘where have you been all my life? Singer-songwriter, Mariam Sawires is one of those artists”

POCC Magazine

“Mariam Sawires is dead-set on taking a unique approach to making music,
wherever in the world it takes her“

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“Mariam Sawires continues to deliver”
Purple Sneakers

“Will blow you away”

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