Mariam Sawires finds clarity with ‘Trust’, announces Healer EP out July 2

June 4 2021

Egyptian-Australian artist Mariam Sawires returns today with ‘Trust’, the latest single to be lifted from her new EP Healer, for release this July 2LISTEN HERE

Where the previously released ‘Meaning Of Our Love’ was inspired by stories of the past, ‘Trust’ is an exercise in belief and overcoming skepticism. Also produced by Konstantin Kersting (Tones And I, Mallrat, Jungle Giants), the single was written after the globetrotting singer-songwriter returned home to Warrang/Sydney, Sawires dedicates ‘Trust’ to a close friend’s relationship that she observed every tumultuous step of the way, for the better part of a decade. “They fought then jumped for joy, then cried then ignored each other for weeks until they made up again,” the vocalist shares. “I witnessed my friend’s tears, joy, anger, and everything in between.” 

Through their time together, Mariam found herself extremely taken by their growth from having no faith in each other, to finally falling in ‘trust’ together. It’s these emotions Sawires channels in ‘Trust’, originally pieced together in Milan Ring’s studio. “The thing that inspired me most to write the song was her transition of having no trust with him to finally coming at peace within herself and learning to trust him, herself and the relationship, which had always stemmed from fear not love.” Lyrically Sawires shifts from anxiousness to the excitement, bitterness to closeness, and doubt to complete and utter faith – it’s through this journey that her friend is now happier than ever, planning a future with her soul mate.

Like ‘Trust’, much of Mariam Sawires forthcoming EP is dedicated to the process of process and healing. With Healer, Sawires shares the lessons learned throughout her life, travels, and professional relationships. In taking the time to re-group and process, Sawires has produced an EP dedicated to these experiences. She reveals, “Everyone has a ‘healer’ within themself – it’s important to channel and nurture the Healer within, through what medium feels right.” Stay tuned for Healer, the new Mariam Sawires EP out this July 2.

Trust‘ is out now, buy/stream it here.


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