Max Leone shares latest offering ‘untitled’

April 23 2021

Today LA based songwriter Max Leone shares ‘untitled‘, the latest offering from his debut EPMalleable, out this April 29 via the Darkroom / UniversalListen HERE.

Leone shares “Writing ‘untitled’ felt like unloading all these little weights I had been carrying around with me. When a song feels like a relief, that’s a pretty good indicator it’s something special.” A song of catharsis, ‘untitled‘ is the latest in Leone’s string of singles. Where ‘5‘ and ‘Malleable‘ straddle contemporary music-making with old school influences, and the most recent release ‘the craziest thing i’ve ever done‘ a leap further into pop stardom, ‘untitled’ sees Leone pause and reflect.

Taking stock of his journey thus far, Max takes the time to consider his deepest dreams and goals in his most emotional and exposed song to date. ‘untitled’s acoustically driven instrumental and collage of field recording samples suggests that perhaps all this time, the thing Max Leone was running away from was himself. The thought that most young songwriters and rising artists face – the realisation that achieving your greatest dream could be your biggest downfall. 

Since emerging last year Max Leone has broken through as a rising star, boasting over 7 million streams to date; acclaimed by BillboardPigeons & PlanesPAPER MagazineNMEEarmilkOnes To WatchPilerats, and many more plus rotation at triple j for his discography to date, including ‘5‘, ‘Malleable‘, ‘The Beach‘, ‘Cautious‘ and ‘First Grade‘. 

Max Leone‘s brand of pop represents the marriage of formal musical training with an affection for contemporary alt-pop and R&B, a craft honed carefully over hours spent uploading bootleg remixes to Soundcloud, based on YouTube tutorials he obsessively studied after school. Throughout his debut EP, Leone tells his story of navigating a new city alone while chasing a potentially far-fetched dream. He explores themes of self-doubt, longing for anything familiar, and coping with ‘modern isolation’: keeping up appearances on social media while silently suffering. Now with MalleableMax Leone establishes himself as an undeniable, multifaceted pop star. 

The debut EP by Max Leone
Out April 29

untitled‘ is out now via the Darkroom, buy/stream it here.

the craziest thing i’ve ever done
First Grade
The Beach
in case (there’s a change of heart)


“Burgeoning pop star”

“With each new song, Leone demonstrates his talent and artistic evolution”
This Song Is Sick

“A real winner, complete with smooth vocals and sticky melodies”
PAPER Magazine

“Max Leone is making a case for himself as one of pop’s next young stars”
Pigeons & Planes

“The anti-pop prodigy fusing mind-boggling creations with raw emotion”

“Max Leone, pop’s newest face, is worthy of your attention”

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