MAY-A drops gender neutral + upcycled merch capsule collection

August 17 2021



“A proper pop whiz”
triple j

“Rising pop talent”

“MAY-A is moving full force”
PAPER Magazine

“One of Australia’s promising new talents”

Following the release of her debut EP Don’t Kiss Ur Friends, today MAY-A launches her exclusive Fragile Minds merch collaboration via DepopSHOP HERE.

Featuring 9 items in total, the collection is made up entirely of upcycled garments sourced from Depop, reworked and re-imagined by Eora / Sydney based designers Fragile Minds into a sustainably made, upcycled, gender-neutral line made from scratch. MAY-A x Fragile Minds for Depop is available now for a limited time only via Maya’s Depop store

As is the ethos of Fragile Minds, each garment is designed to expose certain fragilities that are current and relevant in today’s world – in the hope to provoke new thoughts and perspectives about fragility. For MAY-A, real name Maya Cumming, this collection and collaboration presents another extension of her detailed, multi-faceted and dynamic creative world that currently sees the multi-hyphenate talent exist across music, illustration, film and video, and now through fashion. She shares “I chose to work with Josh because I think everything he does is awesome. I support everything his brand stands for. His designs are original, his clothing is handmade by him in his room, his friends shoot and model in his collections. He has something to say and that’s special. I’d trust him with any designs.”

For Josh LeeFounder and Head Designer of Fragile Minds, the opportunity to collaborate was, Although tricky with covid, working with Maya has been great! We both resonate on similar ideas, so the process was both quick and enjoyable! With this collection I tried to keep everything as simple as possible. I wanted to make sure that the key features of the original garment were still present whilst still having that “Fragile Minds x MAY-A” kick. Maya’s an amazing artist and seeing what she’s doing is very inspiring! Always enjoy working with her and am excited to see what comes from this connection in the future!”

MAY-A is a true artist’s artist, with a clear vision she instils across all elements of the creative. Every part authentic, in-the-moment and as hands-on as possible, Maya’s craft has been fully unleashed with the release of her debut EP Don’t Kiss Ur Friends, out now. A bold but incredibly intimate coming of age debut that remains remarkably cohesive for such a young artist, the EP is indicative of not only the talent and wisdom that MAY-A possesses in spades beyond her years, but that she is also an artist who carries an essential and compelling story to share, with an acute, discerning vision for exactly how she wants to tell this story.

MAY-A x Fragile Minds for Depop
Up-cycled vintage made from scratch

Don’t Kiss Ur Friends EP is out now, buy/stream it here.

Swing Of Things
Central Station
Time I Love To Waste
Swing Of Things ft. Powfu

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Songwriting since age twelve, Maya Cumming has honed a brand of lyricism that marries the classic pop structures and storytelling of the parental favourites that permeated her childhood home, together with the nonchalant Gen Z cool of Clairo, and the suburban poetry of Lorde. With her poignant, elliptical storytelling, clear-eyed observational lyricism, and songwriting full of musical left-turns, as MAY-A she interrogates the realities of youth with clarity and maturity beyond her nineteen years to global acclaim.