MAY-A shares coming-of-age debut EP, Don’t Kiss Ur Friends

August 6 2021



“A proper pop whiz”
triple j

“MAY-A is moving full force”
PAPER Magazine

“One of Australia’s promising new talents”

“In a pool of talent as brimming as Australia,
MAY-A has certainly separated herself as a promising young star”
This Song Is Sick

“On the cusp of that low-key, hyper-relatable indie-pop sound
that’s carving new stars out of the next generation”


“Welcome to your new fave artist”

Fresh off her signing to Atlantic Records, burgeoning pop star MAY-A today shares her eagerly anticipated debut EP, Don’t Kiss Ur Friends, featuring the latest single, ‘Central Station‘. LISTEN TO ‘CENTRAL STATION HERE + WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

From the tentative first steps of opener ‘Apricots‘ to the arena-sized catharsis of ‘Amiinmyhead?‘, the songs throughout Don’t Kiss Ur Friends bristle with a ripening sense of assurance in themselves. In crystalline pop vocals, whispered D&M-style relatability, and 90s pop-rock channeling instrumentation, MAY-A suffuses her debut outing with clear-eyed observational lyricism, poignant, elliptical storytelling and songwriting full of musical left-turns, traversing queer identity, first love, break-ups, and more. Don’t Kiss Ur Friends brims with the elated rush of these formative years, but is tinged below with the hurt that so often accompanies them. To celebrate the release MAY-A has teamed up with local creatives Fragile Minds on an exclusive, limited-edition merch drop for Depop, launching live on the platform this August 16FOLLOW FOR UPDATES HERE.

WATCH: ‘Central Station’ (Official Music Video)

Central Station‘ is the last single lifted from MAY-A‘s debut EP, which threads together previous releases, ‘Swing Of Things‘, ‘Time I Love To Waste‘, ‘Apricots‘ and ‘Green‘, an opening statement, years in the making, from an artist who has been writing since the age of 12 but has only, over the past year, begun to share her once private creative trove with the wider world. Plaudits for MAY-A‘s generational songwriting have flowed from far and wide in due course, racking up tens of millions of streams, amassing over 250k YouTube subscribers and heralded as “glorious” by Variety, the mark of a “proper pop wiz” by triple j and “a soon-to-be-star” by GayTimes“your favourite new artist” by Dork Magazine, amongst others. 

Such a patient and astute approach has yielded a debut EP which is remarkably cohesive for such a young artist, indicative of not only the talent and wisdom that MAY-A possesses in spades/quantities beyond her years, but that she is also an artist who carries an essential and compelling story to share, with an acute, discerning vision for exactly how she wants to tell this story. From her vantage point of nineteen years, she is able to survey her adolescence, infusing the EP with a strong narrative drive that reflects both an authentic, in-the-moment maturation and a retrospective awareness of all the important moments, realisations, and experiences that led MAY-A to where she now finds herself.

In her words, Don’t Kiss Ur Friends “follows the course of a relationship, a journey of queer discovery and the growth from an adolescent to a young adult. Each song is a piece of the last four or five years of my life, the most recent track having been written last year and the earliest at 16. As the music developed, so did I. You can listen to me grow up, gain confidence and understand myself through the way I approach my relationships.” With her gift for writing about universally felt emotions coming to the fore throughout Don’t Kiss Ur FriendsMAY-A hones her ability to take these small moments in life and make them feel larger than they seem, injecting her vignettes of navigating relationships and everyday existence with an intoxicating vulnerability that invites you in and then hints at something more left unseen.

Don’t Kiss Ur Friends EP is out now, buy/stream it here.

Swing Of Things
Central Station
Time I Love To Waste
Swing Of Things ft. Powfu

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