Meteor Infant releasers new EP Ancient House

March 11 2022



Photo Credit: Jonathan Zerger


​​”Engrossing and hugely endearing”
Double J

“For three minutes I felt like I was floating and I didn’t want to come down.
Meteor Infant’s debut track is awash with a hazy, dream-like quality
which is fitting for such a reflective and semi-nostalgic piece”

Dave Ruby Howe (triple j Unearthed)

“It’s the kind of song you listen to while travelling –
both earbuds in, staring out the window wistfully like you’re the main character
in an indie film, a single tear rolling down your cheek”

Frankie Magazine

Eora/Sydney-based Singer-songwriter and Gomeroi man Meteor Infant (Liam Keenan) today shares his latest EP, Ancient House via Broth Records. Following the release of his previous track ‘Winter Rabbits’, the EP will also feature his latest single ‘Sugarcane’. LISTEN HERE + WATCH HERE

Ancient House is vivid in story and moving in delivery. A sonically cohesive body of work for Meteor Infant, expanding on some of the sounds from previous releases and breathing a new life into his sound design that wraps up shining vocals with layered instrumentalism. The EP crescendos on the vulnerability that delves into Liam’s lived experience and personal upbringing. 

In his own words, Liam shares “The EP pays tribute to the past and to how we’re shaped by it. The songs all touch on themes of memory, nostalgia and ancestry, and they grapple with how to reconcile the past with the present in a balanced way. I wanted these songs to have a certain lightness to them, and to feel buoyant in the way they celebrate things like family, friends and coming of age. Ancient House is a symbolic way of thinking about family history and ancestry, and it represents the long line of people who came before us. It also symbolizes history and tradition in a broader sense and celebrates the old ways of living that exist across the world and that still provide meaning for us today.”

Joining the world of Meteor Infant’s making is EP focus track, ‘Sugarcane’, whichstrikes in more detail the world that came before him, hailing listeners in through his ability to present a sense of belonging alongside a balanced understanding of his connection to country. “Sugarcane draws on a few different things,” Liam shares. “It references the historic sugarcane slave trade in Australia that saw Indigenous and Pacific Islander peoples labouring on Sugarcane plantations for little to nothing in return.”

He furthers this, saying “It’s also about ancestors and past generations, and thinking on how much it took for all of our ancestors to continue that line through immense hardship. It’s about the importance of continuing that, and the sense of meaning that it can bring. The song is really a celebration of aligning with the desire to raise a family and to see that as the foundation of a meaningful life.” The track also comes with a visual accompaniment directed by Jonathan Zerger, shot in various lush locations around Eora/Sydney. 

Weaving through the multi-levelled collection of tracks, listeners are served a compelling yet personal insight into the sweet and nostalgic autonomy that Meteor Infant presents. Alongside previously released tracks Scarecrowand ‘Winter Rabbits’Ancient House also includes ‘Where You Are’, an open lens into his teenage years and the excitement of potential; and ‘Woodstock’ a story dedicated to his late grandmother that touches on the notion of trying to fill in the gaps in someone’s like when we wish we knew them better.

Diving deep between the influences of Wilco and Neil YoungMeteor Infant has set the scene with an earnest display of introspective songwriting that effortlessly bridges folk and dreamy indie-rock soundscapes. Since his emergence, Meteor Infant has amassassed over 50,000 Spotify streams and garnered playlist support from SYN FM and 2SER, earning praise by Double J as a “beautiful indie rock slow burner”, “meditative” by NME, and “gentle and a little bit nostalgic” by Frankie Magazine amongst others.

Ancient House EP
Out via Broth Records

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Having grown up moving between the traditional lands of the Anaiwan (Armidale, Uralla) and Kamilaroi (Tamworth) peoples, Liam Keenan’s attachment to music came to him young and quick. Without a local music scene to turn to for guidance and inspiration, he began his writing and recording on a small tape machine. Since moving to Eora/Sydney to pursue his studies, he found himself working within the visual arts industry as an installer and studio assistant to a variety of First Nations artists. With a sound that sits alongside the likes of Big Thief and Grizzly Bear, Keenan has worked to refine his process to make music vivid in story and hauntingly moving in delivery in the years of development since he first started writing. It’s this soundscape world, full of detail, possibility and autonomy that Meteor Infant will reveal with his debut EP Ancient House