MVW, TiaCorine & Lil Cherry drop dreamy trap anthem “Tru Tru”

February 23 2023


“A melodic trap beat that’s sparse and simple but evocative nonetheless… [Valee and MVW] have an undeniable chemistry, a connection partly built on their mutual love for sounds that sneak up on you”


“Every note and gesture seems to be deeply felt and philosophically weighted before a hand touches a piano key or lifts a mallet…gorgeous…evocative…nothing less than cathartic”


“Producer is a title that simply falls short for MVW”

Lyrical Lemonade

“Smooth and restrained”


“Do yourself a favor and get acquainted with MVW too, because if Valee is rocking with him, you know he has to be top-tier”

Daily Chiefers

“The music isn’t like anything I’d ever heard”

Chicago Reader

“Tru Tru” is out now via AWAL, stream/buy it here.

Today, Los Angeles-based producer  and composer  MVW (aka Michael Vincent Waller) returns with his first single of 2023, “Tru Tru,” with K-Hip Hop sensation  Lil  Cherry  and TiaCorine (“Freaky T”). “Tru Tru” is a powerful global trap track; a worldwide anthem for empowerment, with additional production from west. “Tru Tru” is out now, Listen HERE.

“Tru Tru” is a syrupy ode to female empowerment and pleasure, as piano arpeggios and flutes are distorted to be reminiscent of a celebratory howl at the moon. “Bitch I’m colder than the snow on the Polar Express” hilariously boasts Tia in an intoxicating, raspy whisper-rap flow, while Cherry infectiously swats away male groupies with a rightfully condescending, “I’m the man, bitch, duhhhh!” sounding like Young Thug if he made sugar trap.

Speaking of the single, MVW says: “Things have been tightened over the last few years across the world, and with one another – I feel like friendships are truly being tested. A song like ‘Tru Tru’ is about giving people this psychedelic, anime trap dream world to escape into. That escapism feels especially important right now, and can help bring us together.”

TiaCorine’s “FreakyT” has over 10 million streams (and counting) on Spotify alone, is a sought after collaborator (Kenny Beats, 645AR, Tony Shhnow, Armani Caesar, and many more); she’s a powerful female rapper cutting into the scene with lustrous bravado. Rolling Stone pinned her as a rapper set to make it big in 2023, with more fans at Complex, Variety, XXL, Pitchfork, NME, and more.

Lil Cherry is a rising Korean artist who effortlessly mixes Hip Hop and Hyperpop into an irresistible slurry. With her song “MUKKBANG!” going viral on various platforms, her name has now garnered more than 160 million views on TikTok. She’s also known for her genre-bending collaborations with various artists around the globe including Rico Nasty, YBN Nahmir, CL, and Girls Generation. Vice has referred to her experimental trap as “a dreamy, glitchy escape from reality with equal measures of gentle, ethereal sounds and headbanging, high-octane moments.”  The blend of Korean and English on this track and in her work brings attention to her worldwide appeal, which has caught the attention of FADER, Hypebae, Allure, and more.

Staten-Island raised and LA-based MVW has developed his signature blend of minimal classical compositions with trap-heavy hip-hop influences ranging from Dr. Dre, Wu-Tang Clan, The Notorious B.I.G., A Tribe Called Quest, to Lil Wayne. Last year’s CONNECTIONS showed Waller marrying the prestige of classical with the rags-to-riches brutalism of hip hop. The album featured a revolving cast of innovative rappers, with Matt Ox, Valee, TiaCorine, Xavier Wulf, Desiigner, Lil Gotit, and Zelooperz. Having studied classical music at New York University and under La Monte Young (one of the first and most revered American minimalist composers) and Bunita Marcus, Waller has also released three full LPs of classical compositions under his full name Michael Vincent Waller, including “Moments” which received a 7.8 from Pitchfork.

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