NIKI’s debut album MOONCHILD is out now

September 11 2020

Today, Indonesian vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, NIKI releases her highly anticipated debut full-length album, MOONCHILD, via 88rising, distributed by 12Tone Music. Listen HERE.

A full two years in the making, MOONCHILD is an ambitious concept album that traces NIKI’s own journey while tackling universal themes of identity and empowerment. A sonic allegory, MOONCHILDilluminates the linear path of youthful exploration through three lunar phases: crescent moon (innocence, curiosity, embarking), half-moon/eclipse (loss of hope, disillusionment) and full moon (self-discovery, strength).  The album itself offers an exploration, infusing its triptych song structure with eclectic styles – R&B, pop, urban, punk, country – from stripped-down piano ballads to lushly orchestrated anthems. 

“The word “Moonchild” came to me when I was going through a phase of staying up at ungodly hours of the night strictly to write music,” explained NIKI when speaking on MOONCHILD“I realised how much more energised and stimulated I felt at night compared to the day, and I referred to myself as a “child of the moon” because of it. I began imagining an entire, fictional universe in my head. Bringing those stories to life was a rollercoaster! I let go of any and all preconceived notions, rules and limitations I felt bound to and let my creativity take the wheel in any direction. You wouldn’t believe the mental gymnastics I put myself through to get this album to where it is now.” 

The ten-song album features collaborators such as producer/writer Jacob Ray, the producer collective Bekon & the Donuts (Kendrick LamarSZA), and Montreal producer Pomo (Anderson .PaakMac Miller). MOONCHILD includes hit singles ‘Switchblade‘, ‘Selene‘, and ‘Lose‘, as well as new tracks ‘Wide Open (Foreword)’, ‘Nightcrawlers‘, ‘Tide‘, ‘Pandemonium‘, ‘Plot Twist‘, ‘If There’s Nothing Left…‘, and ‘Drive On‘. 

Speaking on her past projects, NIKI said, “My prior works were about love and youth, this album is very much rooted in self. It’s essentially a musical parable about growth, which is fitting because that’s exactly what happened to me whilst making it. It was without a doubt the most challenging project I’ve ever worked on, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world!”

MOONCHILD by NIKI is out now via 88rising/12Tone, buy/stream it here.

1. Wide Open (Foreword)
2. Switchblade
3. Nightcrawlers
4. Selene
5. Tide
6. Pandemonium
7. Lose
8. Plot Twist
9. If There’s Nothing Left…
10. Drive On


“While NIKI has gained an international following for her down-to-earth songs and social-media presence, the singer is taking things to another world with her debut album”

“NIKI’s debut album Moonchild is a world of her own creation”
W Magazine 

“NIKI’s sound is more established, leaning on the quippy lyrical intimacy of an artist like Julia Michaels and a Billie Eilish-esque soprano waver”
Teen Vogue

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