Ninajirachi forges a connection to her surrounding in debut mixtape Second Nature, listen + watch ‘Things I Never Nu’

Photo by Kurt Johnson
November 11 2022

PRAISE FOR Ninajirachi ‚  NLV Records

“Ninajirachi is an artist constantly pushing forward”

triple j

“Glassy and exhilarating”

The Guardian

“Signature ethereal twist”


“Over-the-top production”


“Her music has a shimmery, fractal, fantastical quality balanced with the toughness of bass that bangs in a way that makes you want to get off your butt and get moving”



Crack Magazine

“Hyperpop perfection”


“It’s Ninajirachi’s world, and we’re all just living in it”

Purple Sneakers

“Impressive genre-bending oeuvre”


Second Nature is out now, buy/stream it here.

Eora-based innovative electronic producer, songwriter and DJ Ninajirachi is today releasing her debut mixtape, Second Nature via Nina Las Vegas’ imprint NLV Records. LISTEN HERE.

In her first full-length solo project, Second Nature speaks to Nina’s creative and mental growth as an artist raised in the current internet era. Making music in a format that doesn’t involve traditional instruments, the uniqueness of her abilities extends past virtual limits, entering an unchartered zone of technical prowess, storytelling, and artistic versatility in her largest and most fleshed-out release yet. Effortlessly striding between worlds and genres, from underground internet subcultures through to mainstage dance, Second Nature celebrates the vast ecosystem of electronic music and the eclectic taste of Nina’s generation.

“Second Nature means an instinctive habit (like music-making), but also ‘nature 2.0’, an idea that continuously inspires my work from the sonic palette to the cover art, which features android me in an android tree.” Nina reflects. “I am the chief architect of my world and write, record, and produce most things 100% myself using just my laptop. It becomes an extension of myself and makes me feel pretty mech which is cool because my brain is just an organic, super-advanced computer after all and it’s only a matter of time before machines catch up”.

Rejuvenating electronic dance music with layers of glitched instrumentalisation, each track across Second Nature stands tall on its own stylistically as they transition seamlessly in a snapshot of Nina’s consistent out-of-the-box production. Reflective of her ability to dive between pop ballads and hard dance, the mixtape is a tempered listen across genre and narration and features production contributions from long-time friends and collaborators Laces and LUCIANBLOMKAMP. Featuring stand-out singles ‘Start Small’, ‘Petroleum’, ‘Hidden Land (ft. Raj Mahal)’, ‘X33 (with Kenta204)’ ‘One Long Firework In The Sky (with Montaigne)’ and ‘Crush Me (ft. Kota Banks)’, Second Nature combines organic and inanimate textures, as spotlighted today in her new single ‘Things I Never Nu’.

Inspired by the experience of naive infatuation and personal rejection, ‘Things I Never Nu’ takes sonic cues from artists including Porter Robinson and Instupendo, of which Nina shares “The original production was a lot more sparse and dramatic with a different chord progression, like a ballad. It felt too indulgent and on the nose to release it that way so I exported the vocals as a single mp3 and built a brand new instrumental around it in early 2022.” 

Forging a strong connection to nature and her surroundings, Ninajirachi’s Second Nature mixtape breaks apart her cutting-edge sound and magnifies the layers that are existent in her streak of releases. The 12-track project lends itself to the second-nature reality of her music-making process, one that is an extension of herself and a laptop, bound not by software limitations – pure muscle memory. Accompanying the release is an immersive and interactive online world, in which users can move throughout a virtual world environment in a first-person capacity while experiencing a manifestation of the mixtape’s themes. Check it out here:

Ninajirachi has also announced she will be playing a series of shows with Coalesce in Eora, Naarm and Meanjin alongside special guests including cookii, Mulalo, Caucasian Opportunities, AGONY, nerdie, Sandro Dallarmi, yergurl, Club Angel, Laces, Fresh Hex, Babie Club DJs, Heavy Gore, Kritty and Blair De Milo.

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