No Mono announce debut live performances & share new video for ‘Butterflies’

November 6 2017

No Mono announce their first ever live shows, set for Feb 2018. The gigs will be a first glance at the music that Tom Snowdon and Tom Iansek have been creating within the walls of Pieater studio ‘BellBird’ these past two years. Not since touring with #1 Dads in 2015, have the Toms been onstage together, during which they sold out (a record) 5 x Oxford Arts Factories, plus 3 x Corner Hotels. This small run of shows is certainly highly anticipated.

No Mono will visit the usual haunts in Melbourne and Sydney, but have made a special effort to include Alice Springs on their debut tour, where Tom Snowdon grew up. See dates and details below. 

Tickets –

February 16th, Friday – Sydney – Lansdowne Hotel – TICKETS
February 17th, Saturday – Alice Springs – Epilogue – TICKETS
February 23rd, Friday – Melbourne – Northcote Social ClubTICKETS

The duo also share their new video for debut track ‘Butterflies’. Directed by Shaun Garland, the video is as captivating as the voice behind the music, featuring an emotionally exposed single-take clip of performance art from No Mono’s vocalist Tom Snowdon. Watch it below: 

Butterflies’ is written about the concept of persistent and living fear. Purposefully intense in its nature, with its pulsing synth and minimal percussion, the track, like a lot of the music they’ve been working on, is dark but transcendent, invoking a sense of great hope.

The track takes on a physical dimension with its video. Like the music, the visual plays with few yet potent elements, striking in its simplicity and bold in its aims. Filmed in a black void-like space, the video subtly references works such as Under The Skin and Stranger Things, which show no real allusion to the normal world but use similar landscapes to depict psychological hauntings. Tom Snowdon shares, “There’s something about space and the otherworldly I’m really fascinated by. No Mono definitely explores that in its music. For me, maybe it comes from growing up in the middle of the country in Alice Springs with nothing around, just space and lots of freedom.

The seemingly simple clip was shot in a way to draw the viewer into the world of No Mono with an honest and raw take on the music. Tom Snowdon speaks of his love for the art, “Dancing has been a part of my life for a long time. My sister, Frankie, is a professional dancer and has inspired me from when I used to copy her as a kid. I did it for a few years until early high school and then stopped, but it’s always been an interest and a reference for my music.”

Butterflies’ is out now, buy/stream it here.