No Mono releases new video for ‘Fever Highs’

November 13 2018

In a follow up from their release of the ‘Fever Highs’ single, No Mono bring us a visual accompaniment, immersing us into the bizarre inner workings of the track. Made in collaboration with Jeff Anderson Jnr. and produced by Kira Bayfield, the video offers us dream-states, lost lovers and a twist for the band both in sonic and visual direction. Watch it HERE (or on Facebook).

Tom Snowdon shares that “‘Fever Highs’ is a bit of a departure from anything we’ve made before and so we wanted the clip to reflect that”. Video director Jeff Anderson Jnr. says “knowing that it was signalling a new era, I kept coming back to the idea of being transported to a new space and the feeling of losing someone before you could love them the most.

Toying between dream space and flashes of ‘reality’ the video channels the feelings of loss and separation the track speaks of. Iansek on the controls sends Snowdon into an alternate space slipping between the warm textured backdrops by visual artist Kate Palella and the fondly named ‘Milky Conduit’. This lost love, performed by dancer Jenn Ma joins Snowdon in the video offering the only point of connection in an otherwise isolated dream state.

Anderson Jnr. comments “I’ve never given so much of my time and emotional energy to any one project like I have with this one”. Through the video’s development and its many collaborative efforts we are gifted with the ‘Fever Highs’ rush and emotional rhythm that only a dedicated team can produce. 

Fever Highs’ is out now via Pieater, buy/stream it here

Sun March 9 – PANAMA Festival – Tasmania
Sat April 27 – Bendigo Autumn Music Festival – Bendigo
Sun April 28 – Bendigo Autumn Music Festival – Bendigo

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