No Mono Share New Song ‘Black Light’; Islands Pt 2 Out June 28

June 6 2019

No Mono, the experts of atmosphere here at Pieater, are sharing another song from their recently announced  LP Islands part 2. The sister-album to 2018’s Islands part 1Tom Snowdon and Tom Iansek will reveal another side of the project, with increased energy and more emphasis on percussion which complements and expands on their haunting debut.

New single ‘Black Light’ which premiered with Declan Byrne on triple j’s Home & Hosed overnight, is the third track to be released from the LP – following the self-assured ‘Keep On’ and visceral ‘Fever Highs’. It tracks the contradictory thoughts we entertain when a relationship is ending – bitterness, regret, uncertainty, pride and nostalgia. These feelings all exist at the same time.

For lyricist Tom Snowdon, there’s a key line in the song to take-away about when separating from someone: It’s time to kill this thing off to make it something that we were proud of.

He says “unhinging yourself from them is a really important part of keeping them as special parts in your life, and not letting things sour to a point where they get toxic”.

‘Black Light’ is out now, buy/stream it here.
For all our friends at community radio in Australia you can grab the track now via Airit.

See Islands part 2 track-listing below, pre-order it now vinyl/digital.

No Mono Islands part 2
\\Heavy State
Black Light
Blood Red
\\No Man
City Gets Better
Keep On
Cold Freight
Fever Highs


“No Mono are truly Australia’s most bold and translucent new act at the moment.”
AAA Backstage

“…No Mono marks their territory as one of the most exciting new projects to come out of Australian music.”
Acid Stag

“Their debut is a turbulent and emotional record that packs a wallop on almost every track…Without doubt, Snowdon’s voice is a gift. Every note threatens to crack under the sheer weight of his warbling tenor…If they make a second album together, the world is their oyster.”
Jonno Seidler, The Australian

“The slow pace makes Islands (Part 1) a challenging listen, but it becomes oddly comforting over repeat plays.”
Beat Magazine

“Tom Snowdon’s voice and Tom Iansek’s sonic landscapes pull you in and shift the air around you so that space seems in constant disturbance but time is in stasis…Islands Part 1 also creates an internal disturbance, an uncomfortable realisation that you aren’t ever at peace here…Everything happens at the edges.”
Bernard Zuel

“It’s set to be one of the year’s buzziest releases.”
ELLE Magazine

“…one of Melbourne’s most exciting new bands…”
GQ Australia

“The minimalism of the pair’s sound is almost deceptively simple…suspense, emotion, and finesse fire like electricity throughout Islands (Part 1), a magnificent statement of artistic prowess from No Mono.”

“Tom Snowdon and Tom Iansek are meant to be together. And No Mono is a project with legs. It’s like Chewbacca playing chess with James Blake, Bon Iver over a bottle of Glenlivet. Each track gives you a warm shiver as tiny tremors give way to midnight black choruses…”
Mikey Cahill, Herald Sun (4/5 stars)

“it’s a beautiful, minimal injection of neo-soul to the heart.”
Hilly Dilly

“This is truly something special.”

“The duo’s first shows had people raving, and early cuts like ‘Butterflies’ and ‘Tidal Fight’ both feature the same naked, emotionally resonant edge that gave their previous collaborations such heart.”

“Angelic, irresistibly stunning, beautiful, remarkable, moving and gut-wrenching are all descriptors we’ve used while talking about their past three singles, but I’d like to summarise all of it into one word – special. No Mono are special.”

“Each single released from the album so far has demonstrated a level of sophistication and a nuanced understanding of the project’s identity that can only come from years of refinement and careful cultivation.
Purple Sneakers

“No Mono are one of those groups that come along and truly stop you in your tracks.”
Stoney Roads

“…like James Blake having a spirit child with Anohni…the minimalism of this album is its strength.”
The Music

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