Phoebe Lou (Two People, Snakadaktal) debuts solo music project Phoebe Go

May 9 2022


Photo by Mclean Stephenson

Phoebe Lou (Two People, Snakadaktal) debuts her solo music project, Phoebe Go with the announcement of her debut EP Player. Today marks her arrival with new single ‘We Don’t Talk‘. LISTEN HEREWATCH HERE.

After the success of her high-school band, Snakadaktal, catapulted her into the music industry at the budding age of 15, Phoebe Lou was just a kid. Now, with 10 more years of experience and another exceptional project, Two People, under her belt, it’s time for her to catapult herself. The result is a grippingly vulnerable, earnest, untouched EP that reaps simplicity. The process of finding her voice as a solo artist has been, as described by Phoebe herself, daunting. But, in a way, it has also set her free. Songwriting is the love of her life, and that sentiment is palpable in this first offering.

Launching with her debut release ‘We Don’t Talk‘, Phoebe shares, “to be honest, I knew I had to try a solo project but deep down I was really, really scared. I went into my writing studio every day, sat on my own, ate milo out of the tin, and just tried really hard to find something that felt like me. Something that moved me. I had a piano and a guitar and that was kind of it. Maybe it doesn’t sound that different to being in a band or a duo but trust me IT IS. There’s nobody there to share the load.

It was difficult getting used to that but it was worthwhile and eventually, I found comfort and confidence (in myself). But it was harsh and lonely for a while. You know all those voices about success and failure and authenticity and garbage and art and image and industry and potential and pressure. Well, I think this song is my way of drowning all of that out and being true. I listen back to it now and I’m like wow cool, I got there. It doesn’t sound like defeat anymore.”

WATCH: ‘We Don’t Talk’ (Official Music Video)

Channelling the clarity of beabadoobeeAlex G and Car Seat HeadrestPhoebe Go kicks into gear through ‘We Don’t Talk‘. Moving with a self-assured skiffle, she unveils a full-bodied and wholly realised acoustic world unlike anything Phoebe has shared before. Produced by trusted friend Simon Lam (KlloArmlock), ‘We Don’t Talk‘ muses on pushing through, riding on rough textures, grit and determination, kicking the Phoebe Go project into gear.

Player is a heartfelt project that, at its core, is full of hope. Dedicated to growth, a journey through self-exploration and finding comfort through solitude; heavy at the crux, with a lightness that beams bolder and brighter through finding your previously lost feet. It’s passing Go and collecting $200 on the monopoly board. It’s the sweet milk at the end of a bowl of Crunchy Nut. It’s a NASA mission control countdown and Phoebe Go is the rocket.

We Don’t Talk‘ is out now, buy/stream it here.

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