PLASTIC WORLD VOLUME 1: A new compilation feat. The Possé, Sampa The Great and more

June 22 2016

 Photography by  Nathan Moraza  Photography by Nathan Moraza

Today the Australian electronic label Plastic World release their first ever compilation, Volume 1 out Thursday 18 August.

The release marks over 3 years of motion from the label who are home to some of the most forward-thinking local artists including Alba, GLHugo FrederickRetiree, Tuff Sherm, Cassius Select and more. From pop tracks to funk soul to ambient house, the compilation features 16 unreleased tracksfrom artists such as Silent Jay & Jace XL, Sampa The Great and Tim Shiel, that represent every corner of the burgeoning underground electronic music scene of Australia.

Of the release, label co-founders James McInnes (former Future Classic) and Vic Edirisinghe (Astral People) share, “This compilation is designed to promote everything we love about Australian music. It’s a summation of our tastes as music lovers and is about approaching music with an open mind and understanding that music is the most universal language. We hope to help those that inspire us day to day by giving them a platform to showcase their music on a greater scale – this is the true fundamentals of Plastic World.”

The first track from the compilation comes from the labels most recent signing, The Possé with their track ‘MS-DOS’. Performing as a live five-piece, Andrew Elston (Physique/Toni Toni Lee/Catcall), Ross Ferraro & Jarrol Renaud (AKA The Goods), Michael Di Francesco (Touch Sensitive/Van She) and NZ jazz keys prodigy Andrew Bruce, deliver funk and disco with the beat of soulful Detroit and Chicago house.

Stream on Soundcloud  / Free download on Bandcamp

Plastic World began in 2013 as a progressive contribution towards supporting local talent on an international playing field. Or more simply put, it’s just two guys that love Australian music and will go broke trying to promote it to the best of their ability. This is the first of many more releases from the young label.


1. ‘Tides’ – Silent Jay & Jace XL
2. ‘Wonderland’ – Sampa the Great
3. ‘My Way 2 U’ – Young Spice
4. ‘Cosmos’ – Vulture St Tape Gang
5. ‘Love Rain Down’ – Mondo Freaks
6. ‘MS-DOS’ – The Possé
7. ‘Night Rider’ – Spvrs
8. ‘Pipe Dreams’ – Opal E
9. ‘Why Aren’t You Dance’ – Lizprom & Nite Fleit
10. ‘Ideal (2014)’ – Sam Weston
11. ‘Universal Soldier’ – Hugo Frederick
12. ‘4G Swirl’ – Thomas William
13. ‘Laserdisc’ – Kane Ikin
14. ‘Mind Drone feat. Aphir (Ambient mix)’ – Tim Shiel
15. ‘Kings Hwy Bwood’ – Dreems
16. ‘Efforts’ – BODY CORP.

Volume 1 is out August 18 via Plastic World.
Pre-order the compilation now.

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