Polaris Prize-nominated, DijahSB, shares ‘Tasty Raps Vol. 1’ feat Mick Jenkins, Harrison, and more

September 18 2021
Photo by Vonny Lorde

Toronto-based rapper, DijahSB, today shares their latest EP, Tasty Raps Vol. 1. Containing the Harrison-produced “New Balance” as well as the Mick Jenkins-featuring “Here to Dance”, Tasty Raps Vol. 1 is DijahSB’s first new project since their second LP, Head Above Waters, was announced as a finalist in Canada’s prestigious 2021 Polaris Music Prize, appearing alongside a shortlist of The Weather Station, TOBi, Cadence Weapon, Mustafa and more.

Listen to Tasty Raps Vol. 1 including new focus track, “The Greatest feat. Ray HMND” HERE

Taking its title from a Kid Cudi cosign (an idol of DijahSB who referred to their flows as “tasty” a few months back) seems appropriate for an EP which shares the hip hop artist’s penchant for unguarded exploration of emotion and their unwavering pursuit of sincerity. Throughout, DijahSB probes candid discussion of Blackness, gender identity, mental health and financial woes interspersed with playful celebrations of their success so far. Of Tasty Raps Vol. 1, DijahSB shares: “Tasty Raps the EP was born out of a tweet from literally one of the most influential artists in my life, Kid Cudi, who once tweeted me saying my raps are ‘tasty’ although not as cohesive as my last album I find that I was just having fun with this idea and wanted to create something short and precise in order to launch it.” 

With bouncy, house-leaning production composed of warm synths, shuffling beats, and thick bass lines, DijahSB’s agile flow and witty lyricism are on full display, the Toronto rapper casually tossing off complex rhyme schemes, clever punchlines and rhythmic switch-ups like they were nothing. Just as on Head Above Water, Tasty Raps Vol. 1 evinces the multifaceted nature of DijahSB that makes them so endearingly authentic. Disappointment and pain is balanced with optimism and levity; odes to accomplishment are tinged with remembrances of the preceding struggle. Free of pretension and artifice, it’s like you are getting all sides to DijahSB, just their raw, unfiltered being. 

Long an emergent star of Toronto’s hip hop scene, the release of their second full-length, Head Above the Waters, delivered DijahSB to wider international attention, garnering praise from Clash Music, Complex, Exclaim, NPR, Fader, OkayPlayer and more for their innovative, free-form approach to genre and quick-witted, honest depiction of everyday life of a Black, non-binary artist. Alongside their Polaris Music Prize nomination, 2021 also saw the emcee named as a finalist for the 2021 SOCAN Songwriting Prize, Canada’s only publicly-voted major songwriting award, for the single “Frontin’ Like Pharrell” taken from their debut LP, 2020 The Album

Tasty Raps Vol. 1 by DijahSB is out now, buy/stream it here.

1. Earthtone
2. New Balance
3. Tasty Raps
4. The Greatest feat. Ray HMND
5. New Harrison (Again)
6. Here to Dance feat. Mick Jenkins

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