Polaris Prize Winner Haviah Mighty Drops Stock Exchange Mixtape

November 13 2021

Haviah Mighty today delivers her much-anticipated Stock Exchange mixtape, the first body of work following her critically acclaimed Polaris Music Prize- winning album, 13th Floor. Released exactly one year to the date since the drop of the first hard-hitting singe, “Atlantic,” listen to the entire mixtape HERE.

Stock Exchange highlights a guest list of international artists, including multiple Latin GRAMMY winning- Mala Rodríguez (“Flamenco”), UK rapper, Yizzy (“Protest”), US artists Jalen Santoy (“Way Too Fast”) and Old Man Saxon (“Antisocial”), as well as Toronto’s Astrokidjay (“Coulda Been U”), JUNO Award-winning rapper, TOBi (“Good On My Own Tonight”), and Grandtheft (“Avocado”). The title, Stock Exchange, refers to a reckoning Haviah had internally over the last year, thinking about how artists are now more & more forced to validate their value based on data – such as followers and subscribers – and potentially losing a part of the authentic human-to-human universal experience of art. 

“These statistics that we use to compare ourselves to others and to define our successes, have become proof of our worth. It’s all perception,”Haviah reflects. “These ideas around perceived value got me thinking about the Stock Exchange. Seeing parallels between the way it flows – the constant rising and falling – all dictated by the general public’s perception of an entity’s value, and ultimately how that influences the moves that we make as individuals.”

Throughout the mixtape, Haviah tackles a range of deeply felt ideas and topics: the roots of capitalism, systemic racism, self-awareness, independence, strength in community, and beyond. For a behind the scenes look, Haviah has been producing visual pieces expanding on the process of each song for her YouTube series, The Making Of, watch them hereStock Exchange also highlights Haviah’s growth as a producer, as well as with her collaborators including Toronto’s Devontee, Taabu, her brother, Prince2x (formerly Mighty Prynce), Sauce Junky, Denise De’ion, MTL-based Young Dreadz, and Weird Mahdi. Haviah has also spent a year depicting the project through incredible visuals, – “Tesla“, “Protest“, and “Obeah”  –  while visual artist blackpowerbarbie is at the helm for the incredible artwork and animated excerpts. 

Earlier this year, Haviah won the Prism Prize for her powerful video for 13th Floors “Thirteen“. She also returned to the road and stage, with performances and festival appearances across Canada as well as her UK debut at FOCUS Wales, where she recorded a session on BBC Radio’s Future Artists with Jack Saunders (listen here). Stay tuned for 2022 tour date announcements.

Stock Exchange by Haviah Mighty is out now, buy/stream it here.

Antisocial ft. Old Man Saxon
Good On My Own Tonight ft. TOBi
Way Too Fast ft. Jalen Santoy
Protest ft. Yizzy
Flamenco ft. Mala Rodríguez
Coulda Been U ft. Astrokidjay
So So ft. Dai Burger

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