Postcard Boy Shares “i still look for our house from the freeway”

Gabriella Hughes
June 1 2023

“i still look for your house from the freeway” by Postcard Boy is out now, buy/stream it here

LA-based songwriter, producer, and all-around artist Postcard Boy (aka Garrett Seamans, aka carwash) today shares “i still look for our house from the freeway.” It falls in line with his boundary-pushing pop sound a la Caroline Polachek or Japanese House, glimmering with gorgeous, sometimes unexpected twists of phrase that satisfy. It’s from his forthcoming debut album, Somewhere On a Hillside. Listen/watch “i still look for our house from the freeway” HERE, and pre-save Somewhere On a Hillside HERE.

Of “i still look for our house from the freeway,” Postcard Boy says, “I grew up in a neighborhood you could see off the freeway, and I still look for it every time I drive home to visit my parents. It used to be a game when I was little to see if I could find it amongst all the other homes, and then it became something I’d try to point out to new friends from the car, and now it’s a familiar, comforting habit to look and know right where it will be. I lived in the same house my whole life growing up. The liner credits where people normally have their label’s name below a release, for me it says ‘playroom’ at the bottom of all my songs. That’s the signature of the room in my house where I learned everything — played with legos, hide and go seek, filmed comedy skits and dance videos with my sister, and eventually started making music in, and still now it has this special glow to it when I visit.”

He continues, “The song is about a longing for home and to check in on my family, see how they are doing. I admit in the song I can and should do better at keeping up with them, telling them what I’m up to, calling them more often, hearing their voices, seeing them laugh… It still tears at my heart, pulling out the driveway and seeing my mom wave from the front door watching me until I curve around the bend out of sight. I’ll tear up on the on ramp of the freeway as I accelerate away from the freeway exit I know too well.

Somewhere On a Hillside is inspired by the reflections of the houses on the hill sparkling right before dark, when only for that brief moment does where you stand line up exactly where you should be: in relation to those windows, the sun at the time of a day, at the time of year. These reflections are happening all the time, every second, if you are in the right spot to receive them. The album doesn’t have one central theme as it glides between the joy of falling in love and the brink of heartbreak, and a sense of self purpose, or the lack thereof. Through it all, the album opens its palm to an unknown future.

Postcard Boy and carwash are the two musical projects of San Diego born, 22-year-old multidisciplinary artist Garrett Seamans. In high school he was the kid who always had a camera in his back pocket, shooting surf movies with his friends, and dreaming of becoming a filmmaker. Wanting to soundtrack a video of his own, he began making and self-releasing music under the name Postcard Boy in late high school. By the end of 2019, after several single releases, Garrett finished recording Postcard Boy’s EP, Limbo, and he began to explore a more rock-influenced sonic space with his secondary project, carwash. To Garrett’s surprise, carwash’s debut single “striptease” racked up tens of millions of streams online. Garrett rolled with the acclaim, expanding the carwash universe with several singles and debut EP, soap water, and an accompanying short film, soap water: the movie. After an east coast run of carwash shows in the Fall of 2022 as well as two New Zealand shows supporting Fazerdaze, Garrett is returning as Postcard Boy, after a years of writing letters to fans, with new music and a whole world on a glittering hillside.